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Write an attractive article in the best way

Write an attractive article in the best way

Saturday June 24, 2017,

5 min Read

Most of the people do not pay attention to complexities and difficulties of writing process. In fact, considering all other academic activities, writing is equally important. Starting from early education it lasts lifelong. As writing task gets more complex, one should focus on improving it regularly. Proper emphasize should be provided on improving the grammar and syntax. It is the combination of different requirements that makes the use of language more complex and difficult. From first grade, the students write nearly every day and are asked to write with more complexity as their level of attaining education increases. Like all learning problems, a writing disability can be devastating to a child’s education and self-esteem and can dramatically limit what that child can achieve later in life. School requirements demand a high level of writing proficiency, and a child who struggles with an unrecognized writing disability will find it increasingly difficult to express his knowledge on many subjects, as the writing process itself will stand firmly in the way of learning.

In order to write an article or any other document, you need to keep certain things in mind. These tips will help you to come up with an outstanding article and you will be able to draw attention of readers through your writing skills.

The tips that would increase your efficiency in writing and turn you into a great writer are as follows:

1- Selection of topic- The selection of the topic on which you are going to write should be based upon your interests. Always chose a topic of your interests and focus on it for a certain period of time. When you choose a topic of your interest you will be able to write a very effective article. This will help you to come up with an interesting article and people would love to read the articles written by you. Make a rough draft of what you are going to write. This will help you in having a clear idea of what you are exactly going to write. Moreover, a topic of your interest helps you to work upon it with much more enthusiasm.

2- Address the need of audience- See yourself in the place of your audience and get to know what they expect from your article. This will help you to know what is to be included in your article and how you are going to present it to them. You will be able to avoid the things that are not required in your article. You will be able to answer all the questions to the readers by being at their place. This will enable you to write what exactly the readers want and expect.

3- Conduct research- Conducting research in a proper manner will help you ground your article. Never take research work for granted. Always invest your valuable time in conducting research with full attention. Simply take care of conducting the research in a manner that you are left with great information in the end. The main things to be included in your research for article are: quoted by well known people, definitions, illustrative stories and examples, referring other media such as television etc., referencing popular books by great writers. After you are done with collecting all the information gathered from different sources, decide to use them in the most efficient manner.

4- Write your roughly jotted down draft- After you have prepared a rough draft and conducted research work efficiently you got to start working upon tightening all the material you have gathered in the most efficient and effective manner. Write down the information you have gathered in a manner that is attractive and draws attention of people. Your writings should be such that people find it interesting to read your articles. Everything should be related to each other and readers must be able to derive a clear meaning of what you have written.

5- Give equal importance to each section- Always keep it in your mind to give equal importance to each section. Do not be misleaded by the thought that it is only introduction that is important to draw attention of people. Place equal importance to your topic, introduction, main body and conclusion. Get over the fact that only start of end is important. Each section is equally important. Always emphasize on being creative and providing relevant content in each section.

6- Keep your content specific- Always remember to check that you have included every important detail in your article. All relevant things should be present in your article. You even have to take care that there should be no irrelevant data and the content should be original. Your content should not be too long or too short. Break down your entire content into key points are write the sound content with regard to the key point. This will help you develop interest of readers in your article.

7- Read and repeat- Before publishing your article or delivering it to one, who is going to read it, always remember to read it thoroughly. Reading your article thoroughly will help you get an exact idea of what you have written and you will also be able to check the errors if present in the article. This will enable you to correct the errors and you will then be able to pass on a well written and attractive article.

Writing is equally important in life of every one. It is only through proper writing that you are able to deliver accurate information and gain attention of people. In the life of a student, Writing is important because it helps them in scoring good grades through submission of well written assignments and other academic writing tasks. Thus, while you are writing an article or involved in any other writing task, keep these tips and tricks in mind. You will be able to come up with an outstanding article and people will find your article interesting and worth reading.