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This internship report for the year 2016, covers internship profile preferences, type preferences, and stipend preferences of both students and companies during the entire year of 2016.


Saturday January 14, 2017,

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2016 can easily be called as the year of Internships. With more and more students choosing to opt for internships and more companies designing effective internships, 2016 was a positive year for both aspiring interns as well as Companies seeking talent.

It is 2017, and to help students and companies make correct decisions related to internships, we, www.interntheory.com, have designed this Internship Report for the year 2016, which covers Internship Profile Preferences, Type Preferences, and Stipend preferences of both students and companies during the entire year of 2016.

But how has this data been assimilated and collected?

Intern Theory is an online portal which brings together both students and companies to get and post valuable internships respectively, all year long. The Intern Theory family has grown to 1 Lakh+ Students, majorly from 5 different metro cities, and 4,000+ companies from diverse fields. The statistical data, information and conclusion, has thus been garnered from our experience and observance, while working with all of them.

Top Internship Trends in India, 2016

Intern Profiles in Demand by Companies in 2016:

Companies looked for various Intern Profiles, but these 8 profiles (out of over 40) were very much in demand, all year long, in 2016. Have a look:


Intern Profiles in Demand by Students in 2016:

It was a fairly good year for students as 2016 witnessed internships from various big and small companies, who looked for interns from various fields. But which profiles were famous amongst the students? Have a look:

Please note that other students opted for over 40 other profiles.

Please note that other students opted for over 40 other profiles.

How is the difference in Company and Student Preferences affecting the Internship Market?

Before stating anything, let us observe this graph:


We see a major imbalance in 2 profiles, i.e. Technical Profiles and Marketing. This imbalance between Student and Company Preferences surely dominated all year long in 2016, which in turn affected the Internship Market. Tech profiles where in demand amongst students whereas, majority companies were looking for Marketing interns.

Types of Internships Posted in 2016:

Companies posted various types of internships in 2016.


Companies posted maximum of Full-Time Internships in 2016.

A Rise in demand for Paid Internships in 2016


While experience still remains the main priority for Students, Internships with a stipend variable upto Rs. 10,000 was in demand in 2016. As far as companies are concerned, posting internships without any stipend wasn't a good move for them, as students sought internships which gave them a chance to both earn, and learn.

The Best Month of the Year

After observing various patterns and trends, Intern Theory has come up with the Best Month of the Year- A month when Internships flourished in 2016.


A fair amount of applications were received all year long, thus proving that Internships aren't seasonal any more. Although, maximum number of students in terms of percentage applied for internships during May, making it the ultimate MONTH OF THE YEAR.

How to choose the best internship based on this report?

[For Students]

After seeing the report, here are the 5 things you must have observed about Internship Trends in 2016:

1. Marketing, Business Development, Content Writing, Advertising and Tech roles were most in demand by companies.

2. Companies faced an acute shortage of Marketing Interns, as most of the students wanted Technical Internships.

3. Full-time Internships were easily available and in surplus, followed by Part-time and other such internships.

4. There were a lot of Unpaid Internships available, but Internships with a stipend variable up to Rs.10000 were most popular among students, and it was in sync with the companies as well.

5. The best time of the year, to apply for Internships was May, when maximum internships were also posted.

Keeping these points in mind, we can easily predict, that these trends will prevail in 2017 too, at least in the initial months.

1. Choose your internship profile wisely. If it is your first internship, and if you have good communication skills, starting with Marketing will be a good option, as it is easily available.

2. Summer and Winter might be the best time to apply for an internship, but Internships are not seasonal anymore. You can try all year long.

3. Companies are willing to pay you, if you showcase your talent nicely.

4. Keep experience a priority while doing an internship- you have nothing to lose.

5. If you want an internship in a field which doesn’t have many opportunities, search well in advance. Do not search for one in the month you want to do it.

How and why should Companies design an effective and mutually beneficial internship, based on this report?

[For Companies]

Here is what you must have observed in this report:

1. While many other student profile preferences matched yours, there was a vast difference between the preferences in the field of Technical Roles and Marketing.

2. Most of the students were looking for internships in Software Development, App development, IT and other such Technical profiles, while there were very less vacancies for these profiles.

3. Companies faced a crunch in their demand for Marketing Interns, for various reasons.

4. More and more students wanted Paid internships.

5. 2016 was a year which saw a good amount of student applications all year long, but May was the best month for internships.

These trends from 2016, are likely to prevail in 2017, at least in the starting months..

So how should you design an Internship in 2017?

1. First and foremost, see if you REALLY need an Intern. Hiring one and not having any valuable work for him/her, is not recommended.

2. Let the Internship be Mutually Beneficial. There are high chances that you are looking at your future permanent employee and not just an intern.

3. If you go by what 2016 has to say about Internships, ‘organize’ an Internship, and don’t just post one.

4. Organize and plan your internship program well- something from which the intern actually learns.

5. There is a major void when it comes to Technical Internships. If you have the slightest requirement in that field, choose an Intern over a permanent employee. With fresh ideas, renewed energy, and eagerness to learn, a tech Intern will give his/her best to that internship, considering the less amount of opportunities available.

6. All the Marketing vacancies that are available, if possible, bifurcate them into sub-divisions. See if you actually need a marketing intern or not.

7. Review the Intern’s resume well, before recruiting. You don’t want good talent to be invested into incorrect projects. Choose someone who fits your requirement the best.

8. If affordable, keep Perks, Office activities, and incentives for interns, along with a stipend. They need not be monetary.

9. Lastly, chalk out a written plan for the internship you are going to post, to avoid confusion.

Conclusion: It’s all about Earning, Learning and Exploring

This Internship Report 2016 has been released in order to showcase the Top Internship Trends and also the glitches the Internship Market faced in 2016. 2016 has been great year for the Internship Market, and from what it looks like, it going to be better in 2017.