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Free your mind and the best will follow

Thus have I heard: For you to shine in this world, there has to be a refinement of the priorities that dictate your time, energy and attention.  

Free your mind and the best will follow

Friday April 27, 2018,

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Do people relish your company, or do they cross the street when they see you coming? When was the last time you allowed yet another dream to vanish without a trace, simply because you could not stir yourself out of your lassitude to take the necessary steps towards its fulfillment? Isn't an error of this magnitude worth preventing?

Without the courage to act on what you know is best for you, any wealth of knowledge is worthless. Wake up from the illusion that your unrealized greatness will just manifest miraculously someday, without your striving to learn how to craft the quality of life you are genuinely capable of achieving. So, what preparations have you set in place to make success count, whenever it comes and in whatever form?

Know that the very things you long for, are already being enjoyed by others who faced and resolved their challenges by cultivating the necessary understanding and skills for fulfilling their dreams in equally difficult or even more adverse circumstances than what you may be facing or will ever face.

It is an ancient truth that those who risk the least, live the least. At times, risk is daunting and even dangerous, yet on many occasions it is necessary when the bigger risk is not to risk at all. And although your efforts may not always yield the desired results, there can be no triumph without skilled and audacious action.

Amid life's vicissitudes, be wise: remain steady and centred in the fullness of your inborn resources. If you live in neglect of your strengths, the daily biochemical baths of your emotional turbulence will constrict you, leaving your problems unsolved and joyous occasions unclaimed.

Instead of fleeing or being perturbed, when things overwhelm you, celebrate life's persistence in perfecting you in being the best you can be, for then you will gather what treasures you can from it. After all, it is not people or circumstances that cause you grief, or trepidation: it is your faulty estimation of these realities that create turbulence in your life. Understand that "those things" and "those people" that agitate you, are an inseparable part of your life. So increase your skill in flowing gracefully through life's peaks and valleys and everything in-between in a calm, and accepting manner, for only then will you learn and grow from your experience.

Living insightfully reveals things at long-range. Being far-sighted is one of the chief ingredients of success in all important undertakings, because it allows you to navigate skilfully through life's many illusions that generally derail you from achieving your deepest aspirations. Things do not necessarily happen for the best, but you can choose to make the best of things that happen.

Live your life by design instead of by default, for as you free your mind of all that is unworthy of you, you empower yourself to accomplish legitimate and worthy aspirations for the benefit of all. So, what would you be like, if you started today to really make the most of the rest of your life?