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India's first Experience + Home Styled Food Delivery Restaurant

Are you tired of eating the same old Spicy, Oily and Unhealthy food from outside? Do you fear bad stomach, food poisoning or putting on weight every time you order food for delivery? or Do you just miss Home Styled Honest cooking while ordering or eating out? If any of these is Yes, then visit The Joew.

Friday May 13, 2016,

4 min Read

Started as an endeavor to provide Home Styled Honest food in Delhi, The Joew has grown into India's 1st Experience + Home styled food delivery restaurant. The company behind the brand believes in "The Joy Of Eating Well" which in their words is not just restricted to wholesome healthy food but also includes a joyful dining experience served at the comfort of their own space, which traditionally a customer looks for while visiting a new restaurant or an eating joint.

The team behind the innovative concept is on a path to change the way people order food at their Home, Work or Office. The focus of the brand is two fold-

Serve Home Styled Honest Food with a prompt delivery 

Create a Joyful Experience of 'Eating In' by providing An Experience Box befitting the Occasion and the taste and preferences of the customer

A customer while placing the order has an option to choose from following experiences-

Romantic - Includes Burlap Table mats, Flowers, Personal Butler, Tea Lights and your favorite Music CD

Family- Includes Board Games, Old recorded TV shows/ Concerts/ Movies from various genres

Meal @ Work- Includes Reading Material as per your favorite Subject/Topic, 20 Minute Short films, Recorded shows 

Festive- Live Band, Personal Butler, Recorded Music shows, Board games, Card games and much More

"In simple words, Our endeavor is to make 'Eating In' - Fun, Healthy and Convenient" quotes Head Chef Jeevan Parihar, who brings on board a rich experience of making Traditional Indian Food with latest best practices and a rich authentic flavor.

The brand handles 30-50 orders a day and is growing at a rate of 60% every month. The brand plans to expand to other locations within Delhi and outside Delhi as well. On speaking about the competition the brand faces from other food delivery players like Faasos, Swiggy and Food Panda, the head chef states that unlike the other players like Food Panda etc, The Joew stands for Honest taste and for a unique offering in creating an Experience and not just serving food. Unlike other players the company controls the end to end process of Generating Orders, Production, Packaging and Supply chain. This gives the brand much better control in ensuring the end output which is a joyful experience of having honest and delicious food. 

"We have a loyal base of customers with over 60% repeat orders on daily basis." Answering a question on Why should people order from The Joew, Mr Prince Kanwar, Head Operations, states "3 Reasons- Hygienic and tasty food, Experience and Convenience. We have seen people tired of eating oily unhealthy and preservative loaded food from outside and there was a gap in the food delivery market where none of the restaurants were serving Home Styled cooking. We all know that restaurant or any food delivery chain uses preservatives or added color and butter/cheese to make the food flavorful but we on the other hand believe in serving food which is not just flavorful but honest too. Hence the tagline - Its Loving and Honest like your Mothers kitchen"

The Joew certainly has a unique positioning in its Experience packages and ambitious plans to promote a fitter India without having to do away with our rich traditional recipes. But they also face a daunting task of converting cheese, butter, maida loving Indians to a healthier version of traditional food free of preservatives, additives, color and with less oil, spices, butter or Cheese. What can be said for sure is The brand looks great, the offering looks amazing and the road ahead will only lead to a fun, healthy and an amazing Eating In experience! 

Visit for more updates and follow them on FB & Insta  and Twitter . You can also reach them through +91 7289842492 or [email protected]