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6 best practices video marketing

Professional videos exhibit a very fine visual and audio quality, which maintains the viewers’ enthusiasm. Video production requires proper planning and use of the latest technological equipments

6 best practices video marketing

Wednesday May 30, 2018,

6 min Read

Professional videos exhibit a very fine visual and audio quality, which maintains the viewers’ enthusiasm. Video production requires proper planning and use of the latest technological equipments. A video has to project the image of the company, hence it is critical to have a great video quality. 

The video produced should be relevant to the purpose of the company. It should be able to convey the proper message and intentions to the audience. Prior to producing a video, the whole concept must be understood by the director of the production company for which the video has to be produced. You need to


1. Identify the target audience

2. Set budget

3. Prepare the whole script

Understanding the whole scenario is highly essential. The professionals decide the story layout and scripting takes place. The location has to be decided to give the video a lovely appearance. Now having everything discussed with the company, the production company comes in the front line with all their shooting, lighting and sound devices are arranged.

 Handling and shooting with a hi-tech camera is not a child’s play. They capture the whole action on the film roll. The professional video company only can do this task efficiently. They have years of training and experience in doing this in an effective manner. 

Shooting the video is just the starting of this process. A lot of post-production work goes in to make it a video successful. Compiling is to be done with final touch-ups. A professional video production company comprises of a highly technical team for colour balancing, correcting the audio, graphics and special effects. 

With these kinds of efforts and proper application of knowledge, a comprehensive quality video is produced. The video can be effectively broadcast over the internet or could be distributed among the audience and may be used for the induction and training of the staff of the company.

Here’s looking at some of the most craved content types. These can definitely transform your video content marketing and take it to a whole new level.


Content should inspire people in a positive way with regards to the action they need to take in order to be beneficial for your website. It should encourage people to get out there and invoke the desired sentiment in the audience.

Attractive taglines or quotes 

This involves real effort on part of the content creators as you need to sum the whole image of the brand or company. It should be inspiring in such a way that it is agreed upon by each and every person associated with the company. 

It should be sincere along with being catchy. The effective and eye-catching title is the first thing that your audience is going to notice. And the first impression is the last impression, as they say, so the first thing that a viewer looks at must be impressive. A catchy title arouses curiosity and thus, a kind of intrigue on part of the viewers.


If you convey your idea with the help of a story, it is going to be remembered for a really long time. Relatable stories are a definite advantage over boring content. They are better retained by users for a long time.


Giving your content that visual treat is the best way to get people to remember your content for long. Make highly interactive videos, graphics, quizzes etc. to indulge people and encourage them to come back to your page.

Images are one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Instagram. Images provide a visual treat. People can imagine a whole story or the whole idea or gesture behind an image. This proves the saying right, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Make sure your page is quite graphic and provides a visual treat to your audience.

Emotional connection 

It has been noticed that script is the most integral part of any marketing strategy. Without a strong, connecting script at its core, the campaign might lacklustre. Striking that chord with the audience is the most sought-after aspect of the marketing industry. 

Business persons have begun to capitalise on this fact and here we have a slew of companies trying to establish that emotionally connect with the viewers. Now companies invest in long-haul ideas instead of short-haul ideas. 

They want to make it a memorable experience for the customer, not a momentary thing. Same goes for blogging, you need to address people at the grassroots level, be it any kind of social class. Your content might be specific but you need to incorporate this factor if you want to grow your audience base.


The content should be informative regarding essential features of a company or product. The right amount of data serves a lot of help to the clients.

A little bit of introspection 

Just examine what you are doing on your social media profile, why you are doing? What can be its long-term benefits? Are you providing quality content for your viewers? So, creating more content or posts is not essential rather creating fantabulous content is.

People would prefer your journey, your hardships and success stories. These serve as memorable content and allows you to have a personal connection with your viewers.

You have to offer the ordinary with an extraordinary touch. A slight twist of the tale goes a long way. All you need is to examine patterns in the past and realise what makes you stand out from a crowd. How well you are portraying yourself, how active you are, how much updated information you have, all of these form your entire personality in today’s media crazy era. 

We have become, what can be called as, media fanatics. We are always super excited to share anything and everything on the social media. But the content that attracts most followers is the one that makes leaders out of these fanatics. To get followers for ourselves, we need to delve into the depths of our understanding regarding what would make us follow a particular person or on the contrary, what would make us unfollow them. 

So, go ahead educate, inform and inspire your audience with high-quality content. When you add value and contribute to the lives of others, in turn, it enhances your life and your business.

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