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Wedding photography

Five things to consider when you hire a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography

Wednesday May 31, 2017,

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Wedding Style:

Do some searching, website-window-shopping is free! Have you preferred color or black and white? Think about the candid vs posted image, do you have any idea about the photographer’s style of shooting match the particular theme of your wedding? Which one do you prefer like traditional photos? Creative shots? Or a little bit of both combination?




Your photographer is going to spend more time on your Wedding day than anyone else aside from maybe your spouse. So how do you getting to know about them? Do you have any plan for this? Start research about them alike reading their Facebook page and blog or else just tweet then follow their Twitter feed etc. This should give some strong insight into their personality, how they interact with people in a social network. You can also book a preliminary consultation may be you go for engagement shoot…these activities will give you a great idea if this is someone you get along with you at your wedding.

Pricing or Budget:

Fix your budget in mind before you begin shopping for any vendor. Your wedding photos and videos are your visual record of the day that will last for the rest of your lives. But go for your budget but it should be ideal. Like lots of thinks the price is generally a decent indicator of quality, experience, and level of service - also like different things, there are exceptions so do your homework. The last thing you want to have is attention over the quality of your wedding photos.

Contract Signing:

Does the photographer insist/offer a contract? Your wedding photography package and details must clearly categorize and do you understand/read all these details before signing? Contracts protect you as well photographer. If there are particular items you wish to include, speak up first and let them know.


Look for reviews their works… Try to contact their previous clients and ask about their experience, quality of work, how fast their photos were made available etc. Generally, you can search/find past clients simply by reading their Facebook fan page wall or blog comments – clients tend to stay in touch.

All the best with your search, but do some homework early as the best photographers tend to book early. Some are booked well over one year in advance, some 2+ years before the actual wedding date!