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5 Skills I Got after Starting My Essay Writing Business

Read the story about my way on becoming entrepreneur.

5 Skills I Got after Starting My Essay Writing Business

Tuesday October 10, 2017,

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The results from a 2016 survey  conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development showed that one in four UK workers were not satisfied with their jobs.

The satisfaction rates are dropping. Many people go no further than expressing their satisfaction and hoping for managers to try harder to retain them. Others are so unhappy with their jobs that they have no other choice: they have to leave. I was one of those employees.

From an office job as an assistant accountant to a freelance essay writer to an owner of a writing business - that was an unexpectedly quick transition. I already had the needed skills to start the business. I was always good at writing. With my degree in business administration, I had no other choice but to make a step forward.

It didn’t take me long before I realized it wasn’t that easy to start making money out of writing straight away. That’s a good thing. Throughout the challenges I encountered, I gained new skills that made me a better writer and entrepreneur. These are the most important ones I can think of:

1. Research

When I was writing essays for university, I used to hit the library and pick one or two books I would use as resources. My professors appreciated that effort. However, spending all that time in the library didn’t allow me to dig deep into the topic. I would limit myself to one or two resources just because I thought online articles were not authoritative enough.

Well, guess what: they are. Google Scholar has tons of information that essay writers can use. I can get statistics, opinion pieces, research studies, and survey results in a matter of minutes. Of course, the process of exploring those resources takes a lot of time. I’m still a far better researcher than I used to be.


2. Hiring the Right Employees

When I gained enough experience with freelance writing, it was time to start my own business. I realized that students had a really hard time to find the best essay writing service. I saw a gap in the market and I had to use the opportunity. The first step was to hire the right writers for my business.

I knew what I wanted: skillful writers with degrees. I developed a rigorous testing system that helped me select the best ones. I was already a part of this industry, so I knew what it took for successful work. I knew who to hire.

3. Negotiation

When you’re working with clients as a freelance writer, you meet all sorts of people. Some of them will pay you fair and square. Others will delay the moment of payment, so you have to keep reminding them about the finished project. Some will disappear. Others will complain about the work you delivered although you followed their instructions to the tiniest detail. They are saying they are not happy just because they don’t want to pay.

With time, I learned how to recognize the scammers. I also learned how to negotiate a higher price with prospective clients. When I founded my essay writing service, I didn’t need to negotiate the price. I set fixed rates and discounts. However, I still have to convince the website visitors that the price is worth paying for.

4. Productivity

Yes, working from home can make you more productive. I found that I could work way more productively late in the afternoon. I’ve never been a morning person. I used to hate getting ready for work and leaving my home without even having some coffee.

Now, I have all the time in the world to make myself fit for the job. I still get up at reasonable hours. I have my coffee, I exercise, and I make myself a nice meal. I often see my friends for a breakfast out. Then, I have the afternoon and early evening for work. Nobody bothers me during working hours. I use Google Calendar to keep track of the deadlines. I have daily schedules and I stick to them. I’m being more productive than ever.


5. Budgeting

When you get into the essay writing industry, you’re paid by the project. You write a nice essay? Cool; here’s the money you earned for it. I knew exactly how much money each project brought. At the start, I was spending the money as I was making them. When I made the calculation, I knew how much money I had earned throughout a month, but I had no idea how much I had spent. I used to work at an accountant’s office. I should know better than this!

From the second month on, I started using a personal budget app. It’s a lifesaver. The app helps me keep track of my earnings and expenses, so I know how and when to restrict myself from spending. As for the essay writing business, I hired an accountant to take care of the work. I hired the accountant I used to work for. Ironic, isn’t it?

What’s the most important thing I learned? When you’re not happy with your job, you’re not happy. Period. It takes some courage and risk-taking to get to a better place. In addition to the important skills I mentioned above, I also learned how to take chances.