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Sunil Healthcare Limited Jumps To The Second Place In India's Top EHG Capsule Manufacturers

Established in 1976, a Delhi-based company Sunil Healthcare Limited is a well-known brand for manufacturing Gelatin Capsules as well as the Vegetarian Capsules. The four decades old journey of the SUNLOC brand takes them on the peak of the world. Their quality and research are the main ingredients to take them on a worldwide limelight. 

Monday December 05, 2016,

4 min Read

Quality is the key to winning the hearts of the customers. It is never a happen to be an accident though it is always the result of the intelligent efforts. In the contribution of the whole India, the manufacturers are counted on the sixth place in the entire world. Sunil Healthcare Limited is the giant capsule manufacturing unit which is better known as its market name SUNLOC. The company offers the manufacturing of EHG, HPMC, and Stick Free, Pearl, Flavored, SLS Free, Natural, Preservative and many other types of capsules. Since its inception, it has won many awards on the national level for connecting the people with good health through their researches and developments and being the world’s leading Capsule Manufacturer.

With the production capacity of 10.25 billion EHG capsules, SUNLOC is the only brand which has won the Excellence Award in 2015, from UBM Medica in Research & Distribution of Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules. The capsules manufactured under the name of the company are Kosher, Halal, MSDS, and TGA certified from the government of Australia. This is why the quality of the products is never compromised. We manufacture 100% Bovine gelatin which is TSE/BSE free and EDQM certified sourced from the world's largest suppliers. Being the first capsule manufacturer in India to receive GMP certificate, the company is the locating bloom of EHG capsules.

The company is offering to customize your capsule option for a personalized touch and printing on the capsules. They have 2000 shades of colors to choose from and one can choose two single & double color axial and circular printing up to 330 degrees orientation printing. SUNLOC also won Healthcare Leadership Award from ABP News and Pharmexcil Outstanding Exports Award from the government of India. It offers the choice of the capsule in 9 sizes with the latest triple locking system to protect them against leakage.

All the products are manufactured in the WHO-GMP certified facility; we have 22 fully automated production lines in total which are equipped with the automated inspection machines to eliminate the visual effects. The company has gone through the ISO certification that includes 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and we are looking forward to growing more in order to win the international appreciation for the broad category of the Gelatin Capsules.

We all know the importance of adding supplements in our daily life and for this, we can only rely on the leading and quality certified manufacturers. They are much better and quality of the products provided by them is much better than the non-certified ones. The company has various prestigious clienteles all over the world and they deliver their products only after testing it as well as qualifying it from several quality checks. They reached to the excellence because of their hard work and intelligent efforts.

The colors used in manufacturing various types of the capsules are edible and safe for the internal use. The colors are organic and natural which is food graded and procured from the best manufacturers. They also meet the European Commission and CFR 21 regulatory requirements for the best certification. The printing of the capsules is also done as per the guideline of the customers and printing of logo is useful for the clients of the pharmaceuticals. Along the name of the company, the details about the weight of the medicine filled inside can also get printed for the comfort of the customers. There are different types of printing available in the unit for more precise details. It includes linear printing in which the text is printed lengthwise only. Circular printing which has text across the circumference. Double color printing features the printing of text with two different colors on both cap and body of the capsules and oriental printing.