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How the first Traders boot camp in India (And the best too) came to be set up!

Tuesday November 08, 2016,

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A brief write-up of the Traders Carnival Conference here. Started for traders, by traders, in a first of its kind in India.

Traders Carnival, an emerging platform for all capital market participants.

Once a year Traders, Brokers, Mutual Fund Managers, Technical analysts and Chartists, Investors, HNIs and Fundamental analysts from all over India (and abroad) heed the mesmerizing call of Traders Carnival and get together for a 3 day residential extravaganza. This unique event provides a platform for these participants to ideate, network, strategize and brainstorm to help in their constant endeavor to flourish in the markets.

Traders Carnival is the brainchild of DJ (Dharamraj J) and a group of Traders who used to meet weekly to discuss all matters trading at the hoary Bowring Club in Bengalru. This fledgling idea quickly snowballed into the familiar 3 day residential format that has been lovingly embraced by all participants. Traders Carnival has traveled far moving from Bengaluru in the first year and moving progressively to Pune, Goa, Mumbai and Bangkok for the only international edition of TC.

TC has discovered that Successful Industry Veterans are more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with the community and provides the ideal platform for this exchange to take place.

The TC recipe is deceptively simple, invite carefully curated Indian and International Subject Matter Experts to share their immense experience in the markets. Add in an eclectic and knowledgeable mix of Core Team members along with a whole bunch of enthusiastic and eager participants and the energy and ideas and arguments and interactions go on well into the wee hours. Only to begin at 7 am the next morning with a yoga session! The endless supply of coffee and Tea is a lifesaver for a small minority who are not quite accustomed to the fast and exhilarating pace set by the rest. Of course the great food and the concurrent Break out sessions ensure that there is never a dull moment.

TC is a crowd-funded event that is subsidized by Sponsors who love the access they get to the participants in the Residential format. The last edition of TC at Bangkok enjoyed great TV coverage by our exclusive media partners CNBC India. And CNBC India is also the exclusive TV media partner for TC 2017!

This year Traders’ Carnival’s sixth edition, is a three days long residential Event at The Renaissance, Mumbai, India, which offers traders and investors a powerful learning environment, unparalleled networking opportunities, and ready accessibility to speakers, who stay and learn along with the participants.

This time, we are looking forward to welcoming an extraordinary group of speakers to share their wealth of experience and nuggets of wisdom from their own journey with the expected participation of over 400 traders from all over Asia.

So who should attend TC at Mumbai?

Anyone who is passionate about the markets. But, let’s break it down: individual traders (professional, semi-professional or hobbyists), institutional traders,

brokers, service providers and so on.

To be honest, if you think the greatest expression of your talent is in the financial markets, come to Traders Carnival. It’s truly a celebration of our craft. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn that there’s method to the madness of the markets, and find the right network to support you through your journey.


Footnote: Traders Carnival has now evolved into a platform for 

a. a place where people get hired during the three day conference

b. getting together people with funds and people who can manage them, for a fee

c. A wild conference that goes on till around 2 am on the first two days.