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Advantage of salesforce lightning customer community

Top in class customer service is one of the awful requirement of this hour for any corporate to embellishment. In today’s associated world creating an unforgettable customer experience is domineering.

Friday March 17, 2017,

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Top in class customer service is one of the most important requirements of this hour for any corporate to embellishment. In today’s associated world creating an unforgettable customer experience is domineering. There has been a seismic shift from, when clienteles used to shop liable solely upon product structures or price. Customers incline to convert depending upon the customer knowledge you deliver. Salesforce Community Cloud unveilings the Lightning Customer Community, endeavouring a rich and immersive involvement to customers that can be organized and modified at a lightning speed.

The chief motto being businesses should be able to join well to the customer profiles and occupational workflows from the CRM to generate exquisite relationship structure digital experiences at a separate level.


Customer connectivity and communication has always been of greatest importance and so customer cloud has kept on evolving with the ever-changing requirements of the condition.

Year 2013

It observed the first ever version of Community Cloud that assisted the initiatives to join records and data in social environment. Service cases could be twisted and intensified from the community and customers can keep a path on the progress via the community itself.

Year 2015

This year maxim the development of Lightning Community templates to quicken a creativity’s ability to set up communities and add new-fangled functionalities to keep pace with the never-ending needs of the customers.


Clienteles seek for a more tailored and interactive experience with the businesses they are linked with. Hence Lightning Customer community permits enterprises to join the customer experience with a rich, immersive and intellectual environment.

Access to communities using Salesforce1

Community access concluded Salesforce1 mobile apps depends upon countless factors which comprises three significant factors like types of patterns that have been used to create the community, authorizations granted to the community memberships and the licenses.

Benefits of Customer communities

Lightning Customer Community benefits to connect customers at a more custom-made level giving them some rich understanding at a lightning speed. The major assistances are as follows:

Business integrations:

You can pervade customer community with any data from any system. It also permits you the facility to allow members to generate and update records from within the groups. Partners are also qualified to succeed leads; customers have all the flexibility to deliver their product review. Even the employees can intensify the support cases.

Branding and Engagement:

Customer community is logically customizable and replicates your brand and aids in spreading the online customer knowledge. It also benefits in creating a dynamic community by prominence and gratifying the most active members.

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