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To be unique and innovative- Why it matters in today's generation

               If intend to be recognized as Complete Person, be passionate and do or drive things differently.              Basic core principles like time, innovation, risk taking, discipline and implementation always matter.  (Time required to read this story - 20 mins. Will it be worth: YES)

To be unique and innovative- Why it matters in today's generation

Saturday May 27, 2017,

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(short story with self experience just like short film)           
Try to be inline with today's trends. Learn, discuss, experiment, invest and more importantly be sharp in communicating your ideas. Please do not look for routine 9 AM to 5 PM jobs. Always think and try to perform existing or new things in unique, innovative and different way. More importantly try to rule your life by self and being a human being 'Add some value to Society'

              Most of the success stories of any individual start like a first line of any story like once or once upon a time. Reason being to measure any success or failure, whether big or small requires a starting point and time lapse. Every successful person in career starts in one day with strong ambition. Learn many things and become self judge in determining whether chosen path in right direction or not in attaining planned goal.

              Beauty of current generation is that we have many success stories from past centuries and still continuing. All any individual require is to start with small or big dream and work towards fulfilling that dream. Important aspect is that opportunities are not limited in today's innovative world. Social media and Internet giving us a chance to explore innovations across the world. So, pick your area of interest and prove your mettle. We can learn from Nature, following current trends in innovation and in many ways.

               Don't forget important phrase shared by earlier generation "Practice makes any task perfect. Experience counts in most cases". You may stuck with small or big failures, judge your self and as well take suggestions from experts and go with calculated risk. In other way drive your success or failure with right analytics (collect data points and measure periodically). 

             Tags: Holistic understanding , taking responsibility, sustainability, resource and task planning, investment, quality control, delivery, customer satisfaction, what kind of impact your solution has.

            Common pitfalls of easy goers. Biggest mistake committing by today's youth. Being idle and killing time just by passing comments. they keep talking about things done by others either by commenting good or bad way. Simple example people comment about movie in a minute saying Director didn't done well. Before commenting any individual, for a second think from other person position.  Instead commenting, request all to join hands with Person trying to do some thing good for Society. Please come out of comfort zone and BE PART OF YOUR OWN  SUCCESS STORY

Young generation be awake and add value to your own life

          Committed performance or activity will be automatically praised and recognized by all. Best example Abdul Kalam, Subhash Palekar (Zero Budget Natural Farming Guru) and many more. 

        All big or small talks about global warming, scolds elders and government. Instead why can't every individual plant a tree and make a difference. If determined there are proven stories that single individual creating BIG forest.

To summarize, request people to participate (either young or old, men or women ) in projects that suits there interest and make difference. In today's world opportunities are many, all anyone required is think, choose and get ahead.

My daughter's Laasya's ART work.

My daughter's Laasya's ART work.


- Be healthy with regular exercise. Which itself is first step towards life success.

- Avoid watching entertainment all the time. GET self entertain with your work and see the difference.

- Learn HOW to SAY NO. Please don't accept donkey work all the time. "Like Donkey but not its WORK".

- Read or watch whats happening around the world. 

- Simple things makes difference many a times. Master it. E.g. Specifying how much time a person require to read this story.

- Be the first to perform or implement some thing in your community.

- Don't blindly follow any trend like Sheep. :) try to be unique. 

- Put things in practice at the earliest. do not delay.

- Not only read hundred stories. Try to create story of your own.

- Do not judge a person by appearance. Instead of identifying pit falls in a PERSON, start with identifying his strong capabilities. Make him contribute to his potential.

- Review your work periodically with others

                           Will meet you soon with next short story. Have a great time as always.


Surendra Kongurootu

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