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Why SEO Outsourcing is Still A Good Idea in 2017

Why SEO Outsourcing is Still A Good Idea in 2017

Thursday January 12, 2017,

4 min Read

With rising cost all around even in the previously sure shot money saver and favored destinations such as India, is SEO outsourcing still really cost-effective for all enterprises, or does it require an exorbitant amount to hire a professional agency in this New Year? If this question still haunts you when SEO has become a necessity for every small and large enterprise, you must read through this article. Insights shared below will not only take you through the benefits of outsourcing SEO, but also confirm why and how this can be reasonably more economical than you imagined. Moreover, this write-up will also help you know, how you can make the most of every cent spent on SEO outsourcing.

Finding and Hiring SEO experts

Before actually finding out the cost benefits of SEO outsourcing, you simply cannot let go of considering the other option of getting an in-house SEO expert for the job. Bringing an expert aboard in-house too calls for some investment on your part and therefore that must be looked into vis-à-vis the option to outsource.

By hiring SEO experts in-house, you would eventually acquire access to their knowledge and expertise within the office. However, your expert may feel a dire need for an assisting member or members for support, and also to see their plans implemented in time. So basically you don’t just have to hire one guy as an SEO expert but will have to hire a whole team. Obviously, outcomes you were anticipating in may be couple of weeks' time may postpone by several weeks, or even months! Put differently, money you invested in the process will yield a much delayed output than it should have if you don’t put in place the whole setup.

The difference SEO outsourcing makes

Well if you are a small firm or operate from your home office the first and foremost thing to know is, you can hire one, or at the most couple of SEO experts, to join your team. The salary package you offer each of them is your extra investment in SEO in this case and like any other hiring if you don’t have much clue about the job you have hired for chances are that you may get taken for a ride.

In contrast when you outsource SEO to a specialist firm, you indirectly hire a bunch of specialists available with the outsourcing SEO agency. These specialists comprise specific people for the particular jobs, as one or more for generating back links to your site, another few for keyword research, few more for sending monthly reports and even a dedicated individual or individuals to produce precious content for your campaign. You simply cannot go about without SEO specialists who coordinate and organize all these roles, study, analyze traffic and synchronize efforts with ever changing Google algorithms. In other words, an entire team is at your disposal when you outsource SEO!

Other costs involved in-house

If you thought that cost alone was a concern then think again. Employees anywhere are prone to fall ill or can show absenteeism for numerous other reasons. They will perceptibly take leaves to go on vacation or to tend to their other needs and duties and will be rightfully eligible for various benefits. This is regardless of whether their efforts are positively impacting search engine optimization campaign or not. Also there is another major factor that they are usually more job centric than being business centric.

However when you go for SEO outsourcing services, you are no more required to carry the economic and other burdens or obligations as part of employee welfare. Additionally, firms working for you are more business centered and managing their employees is their responsibility and you are only concerned by the final results. A glimpse of benefits of SEO reseller services can be seen here, where you are concerned only if your website has gained a considerable rank in Google and a sizeable traffic is being earned and not about how many leaves an employee still has left.

Hence you see that working with an agency you outsourced SEO is simpler as you generally do not even have to sign a contract with them and work on a term to term basis and have the option to change at the end of the billing cycle. Therefore there are no long term obligations on your part.


This thus shows that even with certain seemingly rise in labor costs outsourcing is still much beneficial and cost effective. And if you have a long term contract then you are one of the lucky ones who are still paying last year’s prices in the New Year.