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Stone House For Holidays At Paxos Island To Enjoy A Tranquil Vacation !

Stone House For Holidays At Paxos Island To Enjoy A Tranquil Vacation !

Wednesday July 19, 2017,

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The most common problem which almost every person faces while planning to go for vacations is finding an appropriate destination to visit for. Normally every family goes for the vacations only when the children in family do not have to go school and they are free from the tension of school tasks. Therefore when it comes to go for vacation lots of families either visit their relatives and friends or go to some new place where they can visit the places of some historical relevance and broaden the knowledge of their children.

But, besides them there are lots of people who prefer to go for the vacations at the places where they can enjoy full tranquility away from the crowd of their city and hectic working schedule. It would be interested to know that search of tranquil place for vacation is not only felt by persons with family but also by newly married couple who want to enjoy the fun of their honeymoon away from their friends and relatives. Similarly these places are also preferred by the persons who wish to live close to the nature and want to enjoy the changing mood of nature throughout the day.

Paxos Island, the best place for those who are searching for some peaceful destination to enjoy their vacation.

If you search for Paxos island in world map then it will be quite daunting task to do, but if you search the same in list of tourist destinations then undoubtedly it will be quite easier task for you to do so. This is mainly because of its huge popularity among the tourists across the world visiting this island. The island is highly preferred destination for vacations by the tourists willing to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the arms of nature.

Introduction to Paxos

Geographically Paxos is one of the smallest islands of Ionian island and located between two beaches namely Monodendri and Glyfada beach. There is no airport at the island and the only transport facility available for reaching at the island is through boat or ferry service from Corfu the closest city to the island.

With population of about 2500 people the Paxos is mainly surrounded by the olive groves grown within the valley. Although the main source of income for natives is fishing but apart from this going through the huge arrival and departure of tourists throughout the year tourism also constitutes the major source of income for the natives.

Stone house for Holidays


An interesting fact about Paxos island is that despite of being under-developed tourist destination it is blessed with all amenities that are available at some renowned destination for vacations. The most amazing factor about this island is presence of well equipped villas and houses that are developed for tourists to satisfy their staying needs.

Talking about the stone house for holidays, it is one of the six types of villas that are located at the island and equipped with all contemporary amenities that are offered in some five star hotel of some developed city.

Architecture of Stone house

Developed by making use of local stones these villas are located at the end of island under the shades of olive groves. These villas are furnished with conventional furniture and maintained properly, exhibiting the perfect combination of ancient and modern Greek architecture. As these villas are located at the end of island they offer complete tranquility to the visitors searching for some peaceful place to celebrate their vacations.

Facilities available in stone house for holidays


With an objective to offer comfort staying facility to the visitors these villas are equipped with open plan kitchen with facilities of cooking and sitting with two hot plates, oven, fridge and sink, double bedroom, twin bedroom, bathroom with shower, garden and terrace to enjoy iconic view of sea throughout the day and finally the last but not the least air condition on demand.

Activities that you can perform while staying in these villas

During your vacation you can enjoy walk over the island during the morning and evening hours, enjoy the taste of native food and drink at the taverna located at walking distance, you also have an opportunity to understand the life style of natives and enjoy the view of changing mood of sea during the different hours of the day.

In simple words it can be said that visiting Paxos island and staying in stone house holiday villas will undoubtedly offer you a relaxing holiday that you will remember throughout your life.

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