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7 imperative components of having a solid growth strategy

7 imperative components of having a solid growth strategy

Friday November 24, 2017,

4 min Read


In today’s marketing world, the fast pace of competition has had companies grow fast in order to move one step forward or stay at the same pace with their competitors. Integrating the right marketing strategies is very essential, especially if you need your company to survive in this world.

Not knowing how to market a brand or not knowing how to use the right kind of ideas might become very difficult for your company to survive on long-term scales in the market.

If the right kind of framework is not being followed, a lot of money will go into unreasonable payment to other marketing agencies, therefore to get on the right path, indulge in strategies that will be easy for you to break through and then move ahead from there.

For some companies or start-ups that do prefer paying agencies usually expect fast results, but for growth hackers, the hard work and patience that has been put into work usually comes with learning and knowledge.

Here are 7 imperative components that can be used:

1. Evaluate your business model

Before putting your brand forward, the most important thing is to study and evaluate your brand carefully to make sure the following things have been ticked off your strategy checklist.

The brand correlates with the customer’s needs and requirements or defined segments.

The model or material the brand is made out of goes a long way.

The transparency of having warranty and feedback, in order to improvise better.

A good marketing strategy that is fit in all solid ways.

Testing the product before loading.

2. Connect the dots

Obviously, your customers are your main priority if you want to convert your business into something powerful to create long-term sales.

Understanding the requirements of your customer, their value, gain, and job.

Jotting down a plan on how the product will benefit them in the long run along with troubleshooting problems.

Let the product speak for you in order to gain the trust of your customers.

Monitor your competitors and optimize new marketing strategies to expand your business.

3. Business partners

Indulging in partnership is a good strategy if you want to learn from experienced ventures to grow your business. The idea of showing your business partners that they can benefit from this too is essential to have a good network and social exposure.


4. Using the right business pattern

Depending on your capital cost, niche and offerings you can decide a good business pattern regardless of whether the company is small or big.

Look into different business patterns that are suitable for your enterprise.

Build a foundation to mark the type of product you’re marketing.

5. Attract and Engage

Get to know your customers better, their value and gain can help implement better strategies to capture their attention. Engage them with the benefits that come with the product and how it could suffice them in the long run.

Attract them through your website or advertisements and walk them through the entire process, making sure you understand their needs and doubts.

6. Test, Evaluate and Update

Making sure your products are well defined and tested, this speaks for itself. Feedback and testing of your product need to be implemented to maintain a consistent flow of good exposure and in statistical graphs.

Evaluate your product and note down points that can be applied to make the product offer better to your customers; also creating a checklist can be very beneficial in terms of being organized.

Always update your product every now and then with good implementation methods and also integrating good, refined steps of improving the standardization of your product. Growth hackers that put their mind and soul into working hard on these products understand the benefit of not being dependent and also less usage on the money.

7. Precision and quality of content

With every marketing brand out there, the essential information regarding the product needs to be written. Be very specific when explaining to your customers, learn and apply new and defined materials or methods that can help your business stand in the industry. Good quality content comes a long way of good exposure and traffic.

Creating your own growth hacking strategies will help you grow and learn from your experiences, plugging you onto the intelligent path of furnishing better business tactics.