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I came from Village & i built an Authentic spa chain in capital ! Susant Rout

I will energize every individual & bring out 100 percent Output of them

I  came from Village & i built an  Authentic spa chain in capital ! Susant Rout

Thursday January 19, 2017,

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Good afternoon! Its my first story 

I came to delhi fifteen year back , as a university dropout, struggle around the capital with N numbers of company , begging a job with my broken hindi, work with a plumbing contractor as a helper with a pay of 100 INR a day, no luck of breakfast & rest of my meals of the day, whats positive is , in all situation i wish to be like Dhirubhai in future, after few months i get a job in a syring factory as a helper worked there for a year to sponsor my computer accounting course, later in 2003 i get a job in petrol pump as an office assistant with a salary of 5000 INR, worked there for two years, with those two years of experience i got a job in a retail company after a gap of few jobless month.I made a commitment to me to work hard, with a good future goal for 5 year at least & then start somthing my own business. In those 5 year of sleepless night & marathon to change my generation status from ultra poor to a middle class, i achieved it somehow with a little money in my pocket. I ask all my friends to start a business , but in vein no one turned up, so i planned to start alone. I hired a table space in my friends office in Gurgaon in 2010 & started my own business in Dhirubhai's path . 

One afternoon after a hectic schedule i rush to the nearest mall to spend some good time , bcoz malls are fully air conditioned , as my rented home is very suffocating with fans only. As soon i reached the mall, i parked my bike in the basement & rushed to the ice cream counter on the ground floor to have an ice cream. Then i took the escalator to the second floor, i discovered a day spa over there offering affordable spa therapies , so i wish to try & enter the spa. On a quick conversation the lady at the counter said they will take some more time to take me. It was a very small place , there is no bath facility after the oil treatment , but those guys doing very good service to all the clients. With a good note i made a small survey with the customers coming out after treatment that they feel very relaxed & rejuvenated- also energetic with the authentic therapies i.e if any individual take an authentic spa therapy , that will make a very positive change with the individual character & inner health. I was later send back , due to closer time & so i was so unhappy about denial of treatment. Am not a regular to spa , so i went back home.

 On my way to ground floor , i made a call to my science teacher to know what happen to a human being , when he is under stress & anxieties (refer as tension), he was very happy to got my call after a long period & explained me that there are certain hormones produce when a man or woman are under such stress & anxiety condition, so they became more argumentative, respond more critically to others, in less comfort. The rare way to calm down such condition is 'touch' which are commercialized in western countries as Massages. When you touched a stressed person their vagus nerve in brain get activated , which trigger the release of hormone called oxytocin, which help to calm down & relax the person. That night i was so excited to see the good effect of authentic massages. That same weekend i visited that spa & experienced the rejuvenating spa session, which inspire me to start a authentic spa center. 

I have borrowed some money from my friend & start my work to set up a spa center in neighbourhood of Gurgaon in 2010, which took me six month to complete & start operation. Later i was so lucky to start the spa & it became very popular among the city spa goers, which i later shift to a new place near airport & west Delhi also. When we started spa treatment to anybody , we were very happy to see them stressed out & that make a positive change at their home i.e one tensed man reach home with stressed mind & body, for silly reasons they start fighting with spouse or family members , behaves rude to others, in this condition spa treatments help to bring better atmosphere in family & business point too. This authentic move later inspire me to start an authentic spa chain across Delhi NCR & other cities of India.

Due to lack of practical education , most people are not aware about healthy lifestyle, how to schedule our day with work & life balance, due to this unbalance most of the people are living under stress & anxiety, this will continue to next one -two decade particularly in India & most asian countries. In western countries their primary education teach them how to be in good health & maintain a better lifestyle, i spend all my hard earned money in building spas , but some people are not intrested in authentic spas, hence there is a massive growth in unproffessional & unorganised spas across city corners. It also gave a boost for the flesh traders to hide safe under a spa tag. Govt need more attention & care to regularise these business , before it goes worse shape. But a authentic spa is a real stress healer, need of the hour for proffessionals & business icons . I will energize every individual & bring out 100 percent Output of them , if you go for an authentic spa treatments @"The Leisure Spa" or "OSHAN The Leisure Spa" or "SUSHANTO Le Spa De Luxe" or Any spa running under "EAST INDIA WELLNESS GROUP". We are now opening in western India , south India & aboard too, with a strong financial ROI & open for good investor too. I think it will help all of us. Happy to hear from you.

Thanks for all your time . Cheers

SUSANT K ROUT (Founder- East India Wellness Group)

[email protected]