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What sort of live streaming equipment do I need?

What sort of live streaming equipment do I need?

Thursday December 28, 2017,

5 min Read

Streaming live video blends you with a huge gathering of people all over the world. A few online businesses are accessible which enables anybody to stream live video.

In spite of the fact that these administrations give you an opportunity to associate with every other person, you should procure certain hardware before you can start.

Or on the other hand, you've not yet commenced your research. As you've most likely found and understood that picking gear can be painful and tedious. Here in this article, we will talk about the gears you would need for a Beginner Live Stream, a Semi-Professional Live Stream and a Professional Live Stream.

Some of the most basic hardware required to stream live are:


In spite of the fact that a tablet phone works fine most of the time, it is prescribed that you utilize a PC with a quick processor; video won't lag as long as the processor pace can keep up with your camera.

It is prescribed that you associate with broadband Internet by means of a wired connection. Despite the fact that a wireless connection will work, a wired connection will give faster, higher-definition recordings.


You have a lot of choices in picking the best web camera for live streaming; what you select will rely on your content. In case it is simply you conversing with a group of people, at that point, it may not be important to get much else besides a fundamental webcam.

However, in case you are streaming a huge event, it might be valuable to get a first-rate, professional camera. In case you get hold of one of the top-notch cameras, ensure your camera has a "Live Video" mode, so you can utilize it as a webcam.


The sound gear you utilize relies on your content. Most cameras accompany built-in receivers, yet these are low quality and cannot trim noise. Buy an external mouthpiece for unparallel recordings.

In case you are streaming a bigger event, it might be important to get condenser microphones, and in addition a sound mixer they can record into. You would then be able to take the output from the sound blender and put it straight on your PC.

Streaming Server

There are two routes for you to live stream your video content. You can utilize a free, streaming server, for example, StreamNow or Livestream, which will enable you to stream your content and will also include advertisements on your video.

The second is to set up your own particular server. This will require a devoted server host and in addition a PC that can be utilized as a server. This will ensure the most astounding quality video and no advertisements yet are troublesome and expensive to set up.

Let us discuss the gears required for a beginner’s live stream.

Camera: Canon Vixia HF R700 priced at $249.00 is a great choice if you are new to this business. Even at night one can shoot a 1920*1080 pixel video with this which keeping it in his pocket.

Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 quoted at $149.95 is durable and can be used at any level. It has a fluid drag head which prevents any disruption to the video.

Production: Boxcast Switcher is a $300/year application which does not encourage the use of cables and lets you shoot multi-camera events with its live switching technology.

Let us discuss the gears required for a semi-professional’s live stream.

Camera: Canon XA35 priced at $2099 is inclusive of certain features which you could have got only at double the price. It has a 20x zoom and the HDMI and SDI outputs help it to function with other gears. The 2X XLR inputs render high-quality audio.

Tripod: Magnus VT-4000

Production Software: Wirecast, one of the best switcher software in the market is priced at $495. One can easily alter angles with the help of Wirecast and implant them into your stream.

Production Hardware: Roland V-1 HD is a famous consumer switcher used in multi-cam streaming of events. Quoted at $995 it has 4 HDMI inputs, an inbuilt sound mixer and offer professional features for producing an excellent live video.

Let us discuss the gears required for a professional live stream.

Camera: Panasonic AG-DVX200 priced exorbitantly at $4195 and comes with great help to experienced individuals looking to shoot a 4K video. The integrated Leica Zoom lens helps to click wonderful images along with the HDMI connector providing 4K output.

Tripod: Benro S7 Dual-Stage Video Tripod is priced at $499.99 and works best for outdoor events being massively sturdy. Using this tripod is way smoother than using Magnus VT-4000.

Production: Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E 4K priced at $2370.25 is famous for its sophisticated attributes. It is quite affordable and does not compromise with the quality of the video.

So, stated above are the different tools and gears one could implement while streaming a live video. These gears have also been classification according to their related requirements. Try acquiring the best live streaming equipment in the market before they run out of stock. Create an unforgettable live video experience for the viewers which will be ingrained in their minds for a long time.