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Why global tech B2B marketing stays behind?

Today, more than ever, digital marketing has changed. The technology, like in so many other industries, has transformed the way that marketing, is done. But, it looks like B2B marketers insist on staying behind. Here's my perspective. 

Why global tech B2B marketing stays behind?

Thursday November 30, 2017,

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Though it's pretty obvious to me (and to many of my colleagues) that B2B marketing has gotten very similar to B2C marketing, I keep seeing B2B marketers that stick to their old school convenience zone, without willing to try new tactics in parallel. 


It makes me wonder if B2B marketers will become redundant soon. It makes me concerned. 

When discussing marketing with many B2B companies founders and marketers, I can hear the fear in their voice to look "unprofessional", sleazy or just inappropriate. They express this fear with regards to posting light content on social media networks, when discussing fun TOV, animated GIFs or mems in their blog article, when discussing banners copy and creative and so forth. 

The result can be an old-fashioned and boring marketing approach that misses the point and underperforms. Such a pity. 

Here are some important points to consider: 

1. Do not act based on your guts feelings. 

Almost every marketing tactic and approach can today be methodically measured. Before you decide on disregarding a tactic, run a short pilot and see the responses that you will get from your target audience. Don't be scared, your prestige can't be ruined by a single content article, one landing page, or a specific paid ad. Run your pilot below the radar and see the impact. 

2. Do not think "B2B". Think B2P. Business to people

You are not communicating with a company but with the people that are taking roles in it. They are people like you and me (for now, I know that the robots are coming...), and Like you and me, they spend time on social networks, they appreciate a good sense of humor, and they suffer from the overload of communications in the digital era. Make things easier on them. 

3. Social media networks aren't there to keep updated with friends and family

They are there to consume content, keep updated with news, trends, and, yes... the industry. If you are a part, play the game. 

4. B2B blog article shouldn't be tedious to look professional

Gifs, mems, jokes, a light tone of voice, multiple images ... these will only contribute if placed correctly. If you want people to consume your content, think about yourself and the content that you find yourself enjoy reading or watching, at the end of the day. 

These points are just the tip of the iceberg in my approach towards B2B marketing. learn more by reading this article about how to win with B2B marketing in the digital era. 

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