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A Note to our Soldiers - WE THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU!

Friday February 10, 2017,

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Some time ago, I was going through some of the pictures from my North India trip and I came across a Wagah Border sign-post picture that read “Sleep peacefully at your homes, the Indian Army is guarding the frontier”. A mere thought of people posted on the borders, who seem to sacrifice their lives so a commoner like me can sleep in peace, was enough to keep me awake that night. The ones guarding us on land, water and air are the reason as to why we are peacefully enjoying our cup of freedom.

It is easy for us to sit on our couches and complain about things, shooting our opinions on current events and then sleep in the comfort of our quilts. Contrary to our lifestyle, the ones who have taken the mantle of protecting the nation face bullets and mortars on a daily basis, live in hostile conditions where even gods would avoid visiting and yet they never complain. We just can’t quantify the debt we owe to the brave hearts of the Indian Armed Forces for their services towards the nation.

They leave their families behind and spend a major portion of their lives safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation. Not only our soldiers but their families also sacrifice a lot for the nation and they equally deserve respect and gratitude from us in return. Thereby, we as a society need to come together for them who currently serve or have had served the Indian Armed Forces. Our little acts of compassion can definitely boost their morale and make them feel that they are not alone in the warzone; we all are in this together.

There is a lot we can do for their families apart from directly offering monetary aids. We can create a portal where the wives of the Indian Armed Forces personnel can find jobs per their capabilities; we can also offer free medical supplies to their parents and provide affordable quality education to their children. We at WONK have already started a campaign titled ‘One Nation One Love’ where we are waiving 50% of the tuition fee of the students belonging to families of current and ex-armed forces personnel. By this gesture, WONK wants to make a difference and start this campaign on the Valentine’s Day as the festival of love should not be limited just to our partners. Our soldiers deserve our love too and we will not hold back in reciprocating the love they deserve from us.