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Fat and face get most attention reveals America’s plastic surgery statistics

Wednesday March 29, 2017,

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The most recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS stats reveal that the craze for plastic surgery is growing bigger by the day. Apart from the fact that the U.S. gets the maximum number of patients for cosmetic and plastic surgery, it is also surprising to know that countries like Brazil, India and China have close enough number of such procedures.

The Stats on Various Cosmetic Procedures

The ASPS recently released a press release that reveals a growth of 3 percent in various cosmetic procedures in 2016 which numbered up to 17.1 million minimally-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures in the US alone. The President of ASPS, Debra Johnson said that one of the emerging trends that has come to notice is the rise in various fat grafting procedures.

This procedure primarily involves the plastic surgeon harvesting the unwanted fat from a patient’s abdomen via liposuction followed by injecting the harvested fat to rejuvenate and lift other parts of the patient’s body such as the buttock, face and the breasts. She further went on to affirm that the success of such fat grafting procedures is due to the fact that the injected materials are the fat of the patient himself/herself instead of fillers.

Some of the stats released in the press release are as follows:

• Fat grafting procedure for breast augmentation rose by 72%

• Fat grafting procedure for buttock augmentation rose by 26%

• Fat injections that are minimally invasive rose by 13%

Moreover, the newer methods of skin tightening and fat reduction that are non-invasive are also growing popular among most patients. Some stats related to this rise in non-invasive procedures for reducing fat are listed below:

The procedures that are injection-based and target the fat pockets located in specific body parts such as below the chin have risen by 5%.

The non-invasive procedures for skin tightening that focus on fat as well as tightening the sagging regions have also increased by 5%

There has also been an increase of 5% in the latest “freeze” fat technology that involves non-invasive procedure for fat reduction without any surgical procedure

Rise in VASER Liposuction Procedure

Another cosmetic procedure that is favored by many patients all over the world is the VASER technology based liposuction for body contouring. The fact that this particular liposuction procedure is successfully transforming patients is evident through the reviews on Cosmos Clinic, where male and female patients having undergone the VASER lipo procedure have written about their not-so-painful experience and the satisfaction of getting the right body after the surgery.

What has been observed is that those facelifts that did not make it to the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures in the year 2015 have found their way back in the year 2016. Today, patients get totally mesmerized by the immediate face improvements brought upon by these facial surgeries.

This is clearly indicated through the popular apps that people use for changing their face shade and shape, opines Dr. Johnson. And thus, it is clear to all of us why cosmetic surgery is trending in most parts of the world today. Finally, the release stated that those procedures that were most sought-after in the year 2016 include nose reshaping, facelifts, eyelid surgery, liposuction and breast augmentation.

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