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Top 5 Business Messaging Apps in 2019

 Top 5 Business Messaging Apps in 2019

Thursday March 29, 2018,

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Business messaging apps have become a popular medium for effective communication. An instant chat is a simple way to stay in touch and respond quickly.

Top 5  Business  Messaging Apps
Top 5  Business  Messaging Apps

You can easily access the chat app through a laptop, computer, or mobile phone. Several software companies took a challenge to build a unified communication platform for corporates that can be used as business chat applications.

Communication is an essential part of any business, be it with the external customers, i.e., end users, or internal customers, i.e., employees. A good communication platform is vital to stay connected with the employees and transmit information quickly yet effectively. Although emails and video conference are used for interaction, their lengthy and formal nature becomes frustrating at times.

Here are the top 5 business messaging apps to watch in 2019:

1. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a new-age team communication application for both government and corporates. This is one of the latest, most efficient, and sought-after application owing to its unique features like lightest communication software, and easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

One of the challenges faced by most enterprise messenger is the security of data. Troop Messenger’s safety features protect all your data. Troop uses Server-Side Encryption (SSE) to safeguard all your data from the delinquents.

Other safety features include a 4-digit PIN for login, fingerprint scanner, and activity monitor. Apart from modern and advanced features, Troop Messenger also has excellent customer support service.

2. Slack



Slack Launched in the mid-2013, Slack is also a popular business messaging app. Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Web, Slack ensures that you are connected with your colleagues and work whenever and wherever needed.

You can easily manage your to-do list and pass on important information using the Slack app. You can do it all—message or call anyone in the team, share files, and edit documents. Slack even has emoji-based reactions and customizable themes.

3. HipChat ( Now its Acquired by Atlassian + Slack)



Hipchat is one of the first team collaboration app and is best suited for quick and focused team chat. You can create team rooms or groups where you can send private or public messages and share files and documents.

You can even invite someone from outside the company to any chat room. HipChat is faster than email and is more personalized. You can even save the chat history for future reference. It also integrates with Atlassian products like Jira, Confluence, Trello, and BitBucket.

4. Flock 



Flock is a business messenger that is ideal for making quick decisions over chats. This communication app is packed with numerous features that enhance productivity, efficiency, and execution speed.

This beautiful interface enables you to connect with your team through chats and video calls, manage to-dos, conduct polls, and even set reminders. You can even share screen while video and audio calls. Flock can be easily integrated with apps like Trello, Twitter, Hubot, and GitHub.

5. Chatwork



A fast and effective communication platform becomes important when you are often dealing with people outside your organization.

ChatWork is a social office messenger that helps you stay in touch with external and internal teams while you are on the go.

It enables you to jump into any group conversation without missing any details. ChatWork even consolidates your actionable from all the group chats.

Conclusion : 

Business messaging apps keep the team informed and updated. The chat app keeps all the team members in a loop and facilitates better and quick decision making. Also, the business messaging apps are secure and personalized, and enable faster mode of communication, thus making it the need of the hour.