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Mobile App Development - In Touch with Tomorrow

Wednesday February 01, 2017,

3 min Read

The Internet has brought the world closer together. There’s nothing that we can’t do these days right from our palm tops. Life has become simple, easy and hassle free. Mobile technology is everywhere and it is growing at a lightning speed and with the passage of time it’s becoming more important than ever to have mobile application development companies develop attractive, innovative apps for businesses. Over the next few years, we will only find a rise in mobile app development and the introduction of some of the top developments of the near future.

Below are some of the trends that the future will see.

A booming cloud technology is something that we can expect in the future of app development revolution. With the upwards shift in the use of mobile devices the need for developing apps which can be integrated and synchronized with multiple devices in the need of the hour. It is here that the coming years will see a rise in the ‘cloud approach’ as this would help developers build functionality which can be used on various mobile devices.

Security of the internet space is always tricky as hackers are always on the lookout of potential targets. However with the kind of growth that the app market is seeing currently the coming years would most definitely see the strengthening of the security structure of apps. Concerns like data storage issues, broken cryptography and unintended leakage of data will be handled with care and expertise by the mobile app development companies in India.

Wearable tech is another sector which will see much growth in the coming years. Currently, wearable tech is mainly used in the healthcare industry. Consumers can check their blood pressure levels, their heart beat, calories they burn while exercising and so on. But slowly mobile application development companies are working towards developing wearable technology focusing on enterprises. Coming years would see a huge boom in such cross-platform applications which not only would work as wearables but would also work on a cellular device or any other third party device thus opening up unlimited scope for new and advance apps.

IoT or what is known as the Internet of Things will be everywhere in the years to come. This is the next big thing that the world will be gripped by after cloud technology. With IoT, the world will be a ubiquitous world of connectivity and sources of information. Be prepared for a host of new devices, M2M automation, development of new standards, vertical IoT services and much more and thus there would be the development of greater flexible mobile apps and technology to adapt it all.

The upsurge in big enterprises utilizing mobile app development platforms for developing their apps is something that a top mobile app development company in India must be prepared for. This would also indicate the beginning of an upsurge of enterprise apps dealing in internal app ratings, helping companies get rid of apps which are not in use helping them save big bucks.

The future will also see a rise in popularity in HTML5 and other such related development tools. With its rise businesses would soon adopt “hybrid” as the principal technology of their mobile apps. Mobile apps that would be built using hybrid frameworks like Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, Sencha Touch etc will be able to support multiple platforms and hence would reach a larger user base at considerably cheaper prices.