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4 Awesome WordPress Plugins That Make your Site Smart

Wordpress is the popular platform to make money online by blogging. Some significant changes are to be apply to increase website traffic as well as increase the revenue.

4 Awesome WordPress Plugins That  Make your Site Smart

Friday November 30, 2018,

4 min Read

Wordpress is one of the best platform on which you can shine as it is the platform where you can promote your products or even write blogs on so that viewers could go through you blog and make purchases. Before you start earning from wordpress make sure that your account or website is well developed and attractive so that it would attract more and more viewers resulting in your profit.

WordPress Development Services are available worldwide so you can get your wordpress on the point by getting wordpress services as they would guarantee you profit as well as a well developed wordpress account. If you are confused about what to get in your wordpress domain then here are some trending influences which would promote your web development domain in the year 2018 and even further:

AMP Has Become A New Norm

Since 2015 Google has already started to give more and more importance to the mobile friendly websites which can be easily accessed through the smart phones and since then the responsive web design has approached in vogue. It is said that since 2017 AMP has been accounted for seven percent of entire web traffic of United State of America’s top publishers. This new AMP has been designed in such a way that it helps in enhancing the performance of the web content as well as ads and alongside it also user experience and website speed as well. It is because of the fact that it works so seamlessly people love its services.

Arrival of PWA

PWA stands for progressive web apps and it appears really helpful when it is all about bringing the best out of best mobile sites as well as native apps by having maximum advantage of technological advancements. It is completely based on internet evolutions as well as on adoption of the HTML 5. This would help you in proving the same functions as well as smooth user experience to native app due to PWA. Many E-commerce websites are there who have adopted PWA and after the adaptation they have experienced at least 30 to 70 percentage of hike in their business.

Chatbots Rock

Customer service is one of the key things if you want to hold on your customers for your future services. No matter how good your products are if your customer service is not up to that mark then people won’t consider coming back to your website which may cause you a huge business loss. The concept of chatbox is just that be available for your consumers as well as customers so that their query could be resolved immediately.

Your customer service support should be strong enough with some skilled personalities so that there should not be anyone who has not had their doubts clear. With the help of the chatbox process you don’t have to hire full time employee rather you can answer the queries and alongside your domain should have a good FAQs so that common questions could be resolved in that way.

Push Notification

Is it pleasing to get notified about a sale or any interesting discounts? I am sure we all go crazy about discount or freebies. Just like any mobile apps your website push notification would help you in reaching out a vast number of audiences and you would be able to experience a visible profit in your sell. It is said to be of the most powerful as well as useful weapon for any websites in order to engage users.

Make sure not use them too much though you can use them to let your visitors know about special discounts as well as about and special offer that is going on in your website so that your visitors could get benefited by the sale and you would also get some hike in your business.

Apart from all of these you can even have Custom WordPress Development in your domain where you would be able to have changes according to your as well as your viewer’s needs. Following all of these you would be able to stand out perfect as well as successful in your WordPress domain.