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4 Nutrition Tips for Increased Productivity

4 Nutrition Tips for Increased Productivity

Friday September 13, 2019,

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Staying energetic at work, especially if you're sedentary, can be quite a challenge. While the crucial points include a regular sleep schedule and exercise routine, you shouldn't dismiss eating habits, either.


It doesn't have to mean a dramatic change, either. Avoid foods that slow you down and build energizing eating habits to boost your work productivity. Here are four tips to give you a place to start.

Keep Yourself Fueled

If you want your brain to keep running efficiently, you need to keep a constant supply of carbohydrates and fats. So, when you skip a meal or restrict yourself, your brain is running on empty. The body works on conserving the energy it has, and you feel tired. 

However, do not fall into the overeating trap, either. If you ingest too much, your body will focus all its energy into breaking it down, causing lethargy. You need to keep a consistent, balanced schedule of fueling your system. 

Start with breakfast, whether it's hearty oatmeal or a protein bar on the go. It sets the tone for the rest of your day. Make time for lunch, even on the most hectic of days. 

If you can't sit down and enjoy an elaborate meal, pack a snack filled with essential macronutrients. It could be a sandwich, a handful of nuts, and a banana. Also, having healthy snacks within arm's reach might help with the afternoon drowsiness.

Your water consumption matters. Dehydration makes you feel tired, give you headaches, and mess with your focus. The best way to safeguard against this is by keeping a bottle with you all day long.


If you don't like the taste of water, don't go for sugar-packed drinks. There are many sparkling and flavored water brands nowadays that make being hydrated a fun experience. You could also add fresh fruit or lemon to turn your bottle into a vitamin bomb.

Maintain a Wholesome Diet

The afternoon slump often has us grabbing for a cup of coffee or packaged snacks that leave us feeling even worse. 

The key to a healthy, sustainable diet is including all food groups in all meals. As long as you focus on a wholesome diet, you may mix and match in any way you want.


If you crave carbs, add some protein or fat to the snack to increase fullness and sustainability. When it comes to meals, try to include protein, fat, and carbs into each of them.

You will notice your energy levels significantly improve when you start following this simple rule.

Go for Real Food

Eating junk food is the best way to drop your productivity levels. Such food makes you sluggish and gives you crashes. Yes, they're easy to come by, but nowadays, so is healthy, real food.


Check out websites such as D&D Poultry which provide not only organic meat but also meal ideas that you can take to work. If that's not an option due to lack of time, go for meal delivery services. Your body will thank you if you start feeding it with real food.

The Bottom Line

Yes, it's so easy to disregard your nutrition when everything around you asks for more attention. However, by adopting these simple rules, you will find yourself tackling workloads much better and feeling healthier while doing it.