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How I used technology to increase employee success

Employee Success is crucial for every business and using technology is a great tool I used to improve my employee's success. 

How I used technology to increase employee success

Wednesday May 17, 2017,

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The fact that a very small percentage of employees across the country are engaged in their work is a big epidemic for many businesses. An engaged employee is one who believes in the mission of the company and wants it to succeed rather than just being focused on the next paycheck or swanky benefits. However, there are smarter ways of promoting employee engagement at their various workplaces by utilizing technological advancements. Here are some of the methods of leveraging technology in boosting employee engagement and success:


A large number of teenagers and young adults prefer using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones in their day-to-day lives. You should tap into this trend by allowing your employees to work remotely. Most people are comfortable in working from the comfort of their homes, and as such, if you allow your employees to work virtually, you'll boost productivity. The PGi Telework Week survey shows that 82 percent of American workers who work remotely experience less stress, while 80 percent are more motivated, and 69 percent missed less days of work.

Moreover, by allowing your employees to telecommute, you will cut down on overhead expenses and make the employees feel trusted by the management. You can also introduce modern day communication platforms that will enable you to communicate with your employees instantaneously while they're telecommuting.


It's vital to generate motivation in training programs so as to motivate employees to invest their time and effort necessary for learning a new skill. Gamification can be very efficient in activities such as training because it makes the entire exercise seem compelling, especially when applied in online training courses to increase employee motivation. Naturally, people like competing with each other. If you employ the gamification technique appropriately in various activities at the workplace, you'll realize that your employees have started joking and comparing with each other in a positive manner. The desire to keep up, in a fun way, with each other will be an ordinary motivation towards making your employees succeed in their various tasks.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning and eLearning have changed employee expectations in several positive ways. It's vital that you expose your employees to platforms where they can access employee training programs at their own pace and time. It's a ubiquitous technology employees can't fathom because it allows for flexibility and promotes enthusiasm. You should also conduct regular leadership assessment programs to make certain that your leadership skills are on track. Poor managers can undergo leadership management training programs to sharpen their skills.

Personalizing the workplace

It's interesting to note that some people work faster and reliably when allowed to use their smartphones or laptops than the computer at their workstations. Although it's recommended not to mix work data with personal information in such a manner due to security reasons, if it doesn't hurt, why not allow your employee use his or her smartphone? BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offers your employees autonomy to work comfortably as they want, provided it doesn't affect productivity. In fact, your employees will be encouraged to work harder so as to earn the favor of continuing to use their personal devices, and that will be reflected in increased productivity.

P2P Recognition

Employees who don't feel respected or recognized are less likely to be motivated to work harder. In order to ensure your employees are always happy, you should introduce P2P (peer-to-peer) interaction or recognition. Salesforce Chatter is a viable tool that will help your employees to feel happy for being recognized and valued at work. The method works well for employees who don't get along well with their supervisors or when most managers are too busy to promote other employee engagement options.

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