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Top 10 Questions You Must Ask While Hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency can be the best decision for your business growth. However, how to ensure you choose the best SEO agency? This article explains top 10 questions to be asked with ideal answers to ensure you get the best SEO agency to digitally market your business. 

Wednesday October 25, 2017,

5 min Read

Is your website exists on results of the Search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo? Not yet? It must be getting appeared on the first page of search results for better search engine visibility, which can result into increased brand awareness, lead generation and business.

Now the question is how to achieve this? As a business owner, working on SEO is not an easy task you can really do on your own; you must need a help of an SEO agency or a professional who is an expert in SEO marketing.

There are so many SEO experts and agencies available to consider. Choosing the right one could be the best thing you ever do for your business. Selecting the wrong one could be the prime business mistake you ever made.

Let us help you with the top 10 essential questions you should ask when considering prospective SEO Agency or expert to ensure you make the right choice: 

1. How much experience they have?

How many years have they been working in Digital Marketing? Is it a new company or established one. Also, ask about the client for whom they have been working and get results. About the company or freelancer background, experience and most essential, who is going to be responsible for your website’s online marketing?

2. What Kind of Services they likely to Offer?

While you are talking about SEO services in certainty what you want is an agency (or experts) that can offer you a full range of digital marketing services. Also, with SEO alone, you cannot capture all digital channels, you also need social media, Content and email marketing, Paid marketing in order to exploit all possible traditions of promoting your brand online. So also ask for all this as well.

3. Do They Include SEO Training?

Doing an initial SEO training seminar  can be a great approach to get to know your SEO service provider and the team with whom you’ll be working. This should always be part of the overall SEO process as well. However, this can be skipped if you don’t have much time to spare.

4. Any success stories / Testimonials / Portfolio to share?

It’s good (but not essential) to hire an SEO company  that has former experience related to your niche or industry related areas. Besides the client portfolio is also good to get some feedback from their existing or past customers. Ask for testimonials and a list of any client with whom you can speak and ask about their feedback about the company. 

5. How do they measure SEO progress Campaign?

There are many SEO Metrics variables that play a role in an SEO campaign, so thriving campaigns rely on an organized structure to certify the work undertaken delivers proven results. During the discussion, ask them about their SEO strategy and how they approach this part.

6. How will they communicate and how often?

Ask if the person prefers to talk on a project via call, Skype, texting or an email. And find out how often the responsible person will reach out to you with progress and status updates to keep expectations aligned with their policies.

7. Ask for changes they will do into your website?

A good SEO agency will send you reports once in a month, but some will send you a quick weekly update report as well. Before starting the project, Any SEO Company requires to access your website to make it SEO friendly. So before giving any access details always ask for a list of changes they are going to make on the website. Alternatively, you can get the list and use your developers to apply those changes. You need to make sure that your SEO Company is logically clear about any website changes they make.

8. Are you up to date with the latest algorithm changes?

Google has released about more than 500+ algorithm every year, they aren’t all significant. But, Most of them have a very minor impact on a search engine. You can see an updated list of algorithms at Search Engine Land. Ask your SEO Company about their knowledge for these algorithm updates or SEO trend to follow to ensure they know what they are doing.

9. How do you determine if you’re successful in Project?

This question is intended to drop some light on how your potential SEOs verify if their work has been booming. This is a really easy way to differentiate between skilled, successful SEOs/marketers and others.

• Keyword rankings

• Search traffic


10. Why should we hire you over other companies?

This is clearly open-ended question at all. When you are asking this type of question, if they respond by pointing to their past records, existing and past happy clients, you must proceed with them.

Sometime it’s good to avoid those who try to convince by following answers.

• we’re cheaper than other options

• we can build you more backlinks

• we can get you in the top 3 within X weeks/month (Remember nobody can guarantee top 3 rankings)

Always remember good SEO Company never comes cheap or no one can give you faster result.

All these questions will help you to decide the company who offering you SEO help is worth hiring for your business or not.