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Namaste Craft : An Online Platform for Indian Artists & Craftsman

Namaste Craft is an attempt to be a single solution for one’s need for Indian art and craft products. We aim to be a channel for rich reservoir of traditional handicrafts spread across Indian length/breadth and full fill the need of contemporary living.

Namaste Craft : An Online Platform for Indian Artists & Craftsman

Wednesday July 27, 2016,

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India lives in the distinguished cultures developed and carried by the various forms of aboriginal arts and craftwork. The deep sense of appreciation that the people of this country express towards these gathers the diversity of this vast landmass together and identifies it as one nation. Realizing the very fact, we feel that such powerful tools of a culture should not remain confined to the regions of their origin and that the world should recognize them well. Thus, in order to increase the presence of such products in today’s market, we bring to you an online store which not only sells the Indian art and craft products but also provides a platform to the local vendors to showcase their great tradition and go global to reach out to a wider section of the admirers of artwork.

We follow a model that directly gets connected with the craftsmen and associated manufacturers, short-list the products ourselves and then offer a range of high quality products with more variety at one place. We provide our customers with unique decorative items of traditional and cultural significance for their home or office, or as thoughtful gifts to a friend or relative.

Developed by three young tech professionals, the idea of the venture is framed around increasing the accessibility of a buyer to the core traditional Indian items which are currently used in a certain region or by a certain section of the people.

We understand that a business is not just about earning profits but it is also about creating awareness and educating people about the heritage the very business carries, about the values it imbibes within and about serving back the society which it grows in. We #CelebrateIndia at #NamasteCraft.

We as a team have a vision to revive a diverse and glorious artistic heritage and aims to promote market and protect Indian artisans.

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