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The road not taken

Passion, determination & hardwork is all it takes to take the road to success

Wednesday May 25, 2016,

3 min Read

Anshul Gupta IPS, Born on 21 August is the current IPS Officer(SP City), Aligarh. Served in Jhansi, and Bareily as an IPS too.

As we move ahead with his life, you will find it very inspiring for all the young entrepreneurs out there.

He started his education from Indore and completed his 12th from Sarafa Vidya Niketan, Indore. After which he got a kickstart, and got selected for IIT Kharagpur (Class of 2006). He started his career with working for L&T till 2007. His ambitions were high, and he kept on studying along with work, and made it to the prestigious IIM Bangalore (Class of 2009). What else a person needs after all this. He got a good paying job at Wipro Consulting. He performed well, and got a chance to work at Goldman Sachs, America. For most of us, it is like a dream come true, but not for Anshul.

He always had a space for the poorest and needy people. Even while working, he would try to help those in need, contribute to the society, and do well for the country. He realised that he would be able to do this from within the system in a better way, and started studying for UPSC. Who dares to think of such stuff when you are already an IIT & IIM passout. He faced many form of recoil from his family and friends for considering this option of pursuing UPSC. But his ambitions were too high to distract him from all such words. He continued his studies for the UPSC while working and made it through the most prestigious exam, securing an IPS Rank. He proved himself again. He knew where he was taking his life. He served as an IPS officer in Jhansi, Bareily, Aligarh(currently). He did an excellent job while on duty. Never differentiated between any person, nor favoured any particular section of the society. People remember him for his fairness and genuine nature.

As said, he his very ambitious and hardworking, he didn’t want to settle for less. He wished to be an IAS officer, so he could address more complex problems of the society, and move a step closer towards his mission. So, he kept on studying along with acting as an IPS officer. As it is said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get”, his hard work finally paid off, and he not just made it through the exam, but secured an AIR 18 in UPSC 2016 May.

He is only 30 years old, and was able to achieve multiple laurels for himself. His dedication is worth for the young minds to know, and the kind of effort he puts into his work is just extra ordinary. Anshul is a perfect example of the students our country needs. He is no different than anyone, nor was he born with special talent; he just kept on following his dreams, and worked sincerely without any complains.

His life is no different from that of an entrepreneur. He made investment on himself, worked for it, and is now a Unicorn in himself.