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Should we buy used iPhones?

iPhone sets are available throughout the world and everyone prefers to buy them because of their sleek and elegant design, easy handling processes and security which it provides is unsurpassed. Those who can’t afford to buy a firsthand iPhone set, try to manage the used option.

Should we buy used iPhones?

Saturday May 12, 2018,

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iPhone VS Android

Buying a pin pack iPhone is pretty expensive as its ranking is going good so far. People desire to keep iPhone because it has a standard which at least satisfies the western countries. 

iOS VS Android

iOS VS Android

Android sets have undoubtedly reformed well in a couple of years but still can’t meet the standard of an iPhone which has particularly good battery timing and it’s easy to use.

Used iPhones

Resource: https://nunutz.com/all-iphone/

In case if you want to purchase a used iPhone then it is quite necessary that you should check iPhone from all angles to confirm that you are purchasing the right thing. 

Used iPhones

Used iPhones

Due to the popularity of iPhones, there are many fake models of iPhone and copies are being sold in the mobile shops and it is quite a difficult job to judge whether it is real or fake.

Testing used iPhone

Checking iPhone

Checking iPhone

Here are a few tips which are required before you confirm your deal with the shopkeeper:

• Check serial number on Apple’s website.

• An LCI will be turned RED if it was in contact with any liquid otherwise its color is normally silver or white.

• The body shape and material of the device also speaks for itself.

• Take an original iPhone device with you for further comparison.

• Switch on the set and test the speed of opening the windows.

• Check the papers and documentation of the handset, if it is not available then there is a big chance of forgery.

• Try to buy the updated or nearby version of the set because the IOS is getting heavier which can most probably slow down the set a bit.

• Try to buy iPhone 6 but not below that because there are certain issues of sets being heated up and battery finishing really rapidly, which indicates that maybe their life spam is over or they were roughly used by the consumers without proper care.


There are so many benefits of the used iPhones but I am writing about just a few of them:

• There is not much difference between a used or a new phone as their performance and lifespan are longer than the other devices.

• They provide you with quality network and graphics.


• You don’t need to worry about the memory card and stuff as they have enough memory and you can also decrease the size and manage your files within a limited space.


I would personally suggest that it is a phone with a class. They will always be pedigreed sets as they have fewer items but there quality is outstanding, unlike the other companies who are busy in launching their products on monthly basis. 

To buy used iPhone is a good option because whenever you will go to resale it, you will most probably get the same amount back without any loss.