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The millennials — Y Generation Employees

There are too many myths surrounding  Gen Y employees -one of them is never telling them they are not loyal to the company.

The millennials —  Y Generation Employees

Monday December 25, 2017,

3 min Read

I stand by everything that Simon snick has been saying about the millennial generation, comparing Millennials to most underrated generation on the planet who live in the world of internet and smartphones. we are the uncool humans who can't accept the facts which are close to reality. I've asked my colleagues and friends to respond on simon snicks video - the millenials work place  to my surprise people who in the current generations of millennials either ignored or didn't respond to the video but whereas people who are a bit older have responded with their views and opinions which says that millennials are one of the most underrated generations in the world of internet freedom and internet hashtag.

The So cool Millenials have been looking for so cool things to do -Most of them are tech and internet savvy where they continuously spend time on exploring career driven opportunities which would help them to advance in their career through internet learning, Networking and communicating with influencers over the social media for better opportunities , It is said that due to this learning energy and focus on career right from 20's they have been earning 7 figures .The Gen y employees tend to communicate more quickly and adapt fast processed things .when amazon prime launched in India they came with an idea of Amazon prime video and one-day delivery targeting  Gen Y working professionals and that really worked well and gave the product lot of communicative marketing through social media networks 

“Millennials are great at using Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter,Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube but not at Socalizing with others and sharing Views on work- life -The Good Reads 
The GEN Y Phase of Millennails

The GEN Y Phase of Millennails

Startup Culture - Yes, the phrases like the startup world are actually started and moving forward by Millennials as they are always driven towards fast solutions, bigger roles and easy life.In early 2014-15 "startup" has actually become a household name like owning a car/bike towards my son/daughter is planning to start a startup.This Necessarily move things faster like never before if you see any MNC or a Fortune 500 company creating a big impact can be slow process and it takes a sum of years to get there, As Millennial folks, we always care about attention and presence and the startup world provides a platform to show off even a small work as a great work and most importantly showing their lifestyle by showing a new dress, a new mobile, visiting a new restaurant

Getting Shit done - Recently I was researching on habits and pressures among younger Generations on HBR .It was a quick 5 min read but my biggest takeaway came from the article where the author explains Millennials agree to the 4 thumb rules which millennials follow in their day to day life This is phase where most of the 20's younger generation learn to cope up before they learn how to handle stress and negative feelings 

Gen Y's present a very unique and very exciting leadership challenge, yet they are unique and need new managing styles and working procedures as per their needs and wants. Leadership and management process will occupy less space as Gen Y's have more Freedom, less Social life and more jobs than any other generation in the history.  Hope you enjoyed reading few words which helped you to change your work life methods look into this space for more happy  new year !