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Kissing goodbye to last year of 20s in my life.

Sunday September 11, 2016,

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I started to read about other women’s experiences on turning 29 and their last year of being in the 20s. This inspired me to write about my experience, what a better way to start my birthday with an early present of writing my first article.

As i turned 29 few months ago, it hit me hard like another women what have i accomplished.

I was hard on myself, and suddenly boom, it hit my mind, when i was in Mumbai at a very close friend and a person i look up to told me, “Sweetie, you are just a baby, there’s a long way ahead in your life to achieve what you desire” I never understood the importance of these words, until this day.


As i was having my tea this morning, I thought about what she said—I really was a baby.

For most of my 20s, I thought I knew it all. I thought I had surpassed growing up because I started to support my life being the care taker and giver to my mom. I thought I had graduated to my adulthood earlier than others especially my friends.

I was wrong, I had never grown up nor graduated to my adulthood. It was all my mind playing opera and did i fall for it? I totally did.

I took me 28 years to approve, accept and honour who I really am.

The honouring appeared when i decided to ask this honest question: “Are the things I pursue is what I really want? Or am i being guided on a path paved on social norms?

For the past few days i have been contemplating: “The career i started, the place i live in, the values i set, the way i chose to live my life: were these true to serve the DNA of who i really am? or have i created the version of who I thought i should be? or who i truly am?” These questions were pondering around like the frogs ponder in the pond. I have been hiding myself and was not ready to accept who truly i am.

The truth is i don’t know, however what I know is i will find my answer.

The questioning, learning, mistakes and frustrations - it has been a crazy ride this past decade.

Learnt many life lessons in hard way and easy way, i can say wholeheartedly I have never felt more comfortable being who I am today. I will be learning more lessons as year passes by intact as the day passes by too. I am excited for the year ahead.

Here are 29 Life lessons I’ve learned.

1. Be Comfortable with the uncomfortable, as there’s always a lesson to learn.

2. Love yourself.

3. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. Forgive people not for them to feel good, but to heal yourself.

4. Learn something new everyday.

5. Be Grateful.

6. Situation will repeat until we learn our Lessons.

7. Trust the universe as it has plans for you.

8. Let go of EGO - it hasn't served anyone earlier nor it will now.

9. Laugh and specially laugh at your own mistakes, that whats gonna make you strong.

10. Have high Expectation about yourself.

11. Accept who you are, your mistake.

12. Take Charge of your life and your situation.

13. Stop complaining, blaming and justifying.

14. Meditate - helps you to be be in one with yourself.

15. Random Act of kindness - help someone or make someone smile.

16. Breathe. That's what keeps us alive.

17. Have your own 30 second Dance party.

18. Build a Routine.

19. Celebrate. Too soon we run off to accomplish the next success where we forget to celebrate what we have achieved.

20. There is no one way to live. Follow your Heart.

21. There is nothing Right or Wrong.

22. Respect yourself and respect others.

23. Do not suppress your feeling, learn to let it out. Embrace your feelings.

24. Let it go. Make sure you don't cling on to something that pulls you down.

25. Life purpose is an inner journey. Go through your journey and not make notes of other’s journey as that’s their path.

26. Judgement is waste of time. Practice Compassion, Love and Truth.

27. Live in the Moment.

28. Pray to the universe, source or which ever god you believe in, and be grateful for this life.

29. Take Action.

As i kicked off 29th year of my life and getting close to the finish line, we all have a choice. Choose wisely and live your life.

I do feel like a baby, learning something everyday.

Life is just beginning for me.

Love & Light.