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To 10 deals comparison portals

List of Top 10 deals comparison portal across the world.

best deal comparison portal in Malaysian - Pipkon 

While shopping online do you ever check for the best deals? Well, this is can be easily done with the help of deal comparison websites. This is the best way to attract customers to the website and increase the sales.

Comparison websites will start will gathering the complete information of the products and save it in the database. So, when shoppers are looking out for the information, all the details will be displayed on a single page and the rest we all know that merchant will compare and will make their decisions.

Let’s walk through the top most 10 deal comparison websites:

1. Price Grabber:

Price Grabber is not only a comparison website but also useful for a market research tool. A special advantage of this website is whenever a product is listed on this website; it will also be added to the yahoo shopping.

2. Nextag:

For all your booking for event tickets, travel bookings or products, this is a one-stop solution. Nextag started their operation in the year 1999 and they are operating top in traffic and CPC conversation is also always high.

3. Pipkon.com

Best deal comparison portal in Malaysian  - Pipkon.com

Pipkon, A hottest Marketplace in Malaysia. Pipkon is not only a great deal comparison portal of products but also an ecommerce portal. Pipkon provides cashback on every product bought by the user. They have list of various products from different categories to choose from. They also have a classified section where anybody can buy and sell anything and everything.

Pipkon will be your best deal comparison portal in Malaysian market. This price comparison portal will help you to get great deals at best price.

4. Shopping.com

This website is a part of an eBay’s organization. All kind of products is listed on the website. All you have to do is compare and buy your product which offers a great deal.

5. Become:

Become website not only help you with the comparison but also helps you to write and read the reviews for the products. This website is the leading comparison sites.

6. Bing Shopping:

Because of its user-friendly results, Bing shopping has gained a high popularity. Not only they offer free listing but also the listing of the products can be viewed directly on the results of Bing search page

7. Pronto:

Pronto.com has more than 80 million products listed on their website and also has more than million visitors monthly. They always try to meet all the expectations of their users.

8. The Find:

Not only product display and comparison, customers can also view new products based upon their personalized results.

9. Shobot:

One of the best website which has an easy to access the products thanks to their modern interface. Not only user reviews but customers can also take help from expert’s reviews. Isn’t it interesting?

10. BizRate:

This website has a unique feature of price alert on each page of product comparisons. Just register with your mail id and whenever there is a prize drop on your selected product a notification will be shoot to your mail id.

These websites are truly helpful and useful for saving both money and time with some simple hacks and tricks. Which is the website you use and why? Do let us know in the below comment section. 


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