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Tips and Ideas to Write Unique SEO Friendly Content

Tips and Ideas to Write Unique SEO  Friendly Content

Saturday October 21, 2017,

5 min Read


It is well understood by every webmaster that for higher ranking in the search engines your site must possess substantial high quality and unique content. However, the fundamental question about creating unique content is: what is the criterion to judge the uniqueness of content? In this article, I am going to answer this question.

First of all, I would like to make it clear that writing is my passion. So, the activity of creating content has never been a problem for me. Just by sitting beside my PC, I start pouring my thoughts onto the pages. I also understand the fact that not everyone would agree with me in this regard. Writing is not an easy task for most of the people. Quality of content written by different people will be different. However, the quality can be improved by constant practice and expanding the vocabulary.

One thing that I am strongly against is that some people don’t ever try to write anything personally. Especially, the ghostwriters are of the habit to plagiarize others’ content without properly referencing them. This practice is not recommended for unique content writing.

Having these ideas in mind, while I was reading a blog post this week extolling the reimbursement of using article writing  for ranking your site higher, all my senses were working to understand the content of the blog post.

The article was greatly commented by a number of other members who agreed with the contents of the article and the main point which got my back up was that no content can be claimed to be really unique anyway -with the suggestion that when we conduct research on a topic, we are just considered as human spinners -so we should let this work to be done by a third party which may be an instrument or machine.

Having focused on this idea, today I am going to look at the factors which can really make the content unique. I will also give the suggestions to the writers about how they can be able to create fresh, attractive and perceptive contents.

At first, I would like to make it clear that today I am not talking about the methods to make the content unique so that it may be able to be passed through google’s duplicate content filters. If you want that your page may be indexed, then it is essential to have an automated tool to probably combine it up sufficiently to get you by the algorithm. Once your page has a potential customer who has trust in your products or services, you will really feel the importance of unique content.

How Could the Content be Make Unique?

Now the question is how to make a particular topic and the contents to clarify the topic could be make unique?

Well, in my opinion, you must have the following four points in mind which writing an article on a certain topic. These four points are as follows:

• Suggest new approach

• Give your own ideas

• Describe your personal experiences

• Add an exciting touch

I will describe each of these points in a detailed manner.

Suggest New Approach

This point is very easy to be adopted. If you actually have something in your mind to be said about a certain topic, this may be a golden chance for you. It may be a new fact, figure, research or only a new perspective. Any new idea will naturally make your article unique and the people having interest in the idea would love to search for and read the written content.

Give Your Own Ideas:

This is, in my view the very basic factor to create really unique content and also to be able to write a persuasive copy. Only you can create something unique by describing your own ideas and suggestions. Use strong voice to give your ideas even if they don’t match the popular beliefs. If you include many facts and figures in your article, you must quote them with proper commenting. The people who are only interested in facts will definitely consult Wikipedia.

Also give examples to explain why these figures are important in your opinion and what your perspective about their true nature is. You also need not to be worried if people are not agreeing with you. When people disagree with you, a new debate will be started and your content will be discussed by the masses.

Describe Your Personal Experiences:

If you are going to write on a topic in which you posses personal experience, this is the best of all. Inform your readers about your personal experiences, what are your learning from these experiences, and in which way, your opinion were developed via these experiences.

In this way, you will not only be sure that your content is actually unique and precious, you will also be able to have a relationship with your readers.

It will also work well while writing a ‘how to do this’ type of article. On a number of topics, there are perhaps hundreds of these by now, so the usage of little anecdotes will enable you to be distinguished among the masses.

Add an Exciting Touch

Add an exciting touch to a topic. Always try your level best to write on a topic which may attract the readers. There must be a touch of fun, knowledge, and information in a blog to make it unique.


I’m sorry if you are fed up of the seriousness of today’ topic, but I am sure that while reading this post, you might be able to get something unique and impressive. There are no easy ways to be successful while creating really unique content which may engage your readers. But practice can make a man perfect and you should also follow this golden principle to create unique content.

Have any questions, feedback or other tips and ideas about writing really unique content, you may leave your comments. I can also be contacted via Twitter, Facebook or you can subscribe by email or RSS to get more valuable internet marketing, blogging and SEO tips .

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