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Secret to earning more as a freelance writer

Monday January 30, 2017,

5 min Read

Writing is a satisfactory profession.

But sometimes, you feel the need to get a little monetary benefit out of it too.

I mean, hours of researching, limitless paper scratching and obviously who would pay for all that coffee?

You need those green flashy papers, bro!

So, here I am with a few ways in which you go about that would help you earn through your blogs:

1. Affiliate Marketing

This one right here is the best way to generate revenue from blogging.

With a hurricane of e-commerce companies clouding the market these days, this kind of marketing has gained pace over time.

Let me explain you how this works.

As a blogger, you might have a loyal group of readers who read your content on daily basis. Now, hypothetically let’s say you provide content in the field of photography.

Obviously, your reader base would consist of people who are interested in the genre of photography.

Now, what if, along with your awesome content you also give them some great links to the equipment they could buy from different sites?

A benefit for your readers that they would love!

This is what happens in affiliate marketing.

Huge names like Amazon and Flipkart, give the option of becoming an affiliate.

You sign up, provide a link to their products on your blog and if the reader that converts that link into a purchase, you get a fair amount of commission on it.


However, as easy as it might sound, it is a little complicated too.

First of all, you need to be absolutely sure that you use a relevant website for affiliation.

You don't want to screw up there. Don’t give a link to a product that has low or no relevance to your content. You talk about socks, yo give them a product link accordingly.

Also, judge a reader’s perspective, please.

In my previous blogs, I have told you about getting adequate feedbacks from your readers. Here is where those would come handy. Your feedbacks will help you track down the kind of traffic you get on your blogs. This would make it easier for you to select an appropriate product link, for you would able to judge whether your reader would convert that click into a purchase or not.

Oh, oh, oh and the purchase should be made within a time span of 24 hours. So choose wisely!

2. Domain Authority

Here I necessarily and majorly refer to backlinks.

Your domain authority here would get you paid.


Well, for that first let me explain what backlinks are. I am sure you must be fairly well acquainted with it already, but please give me some space to brag!

When a web page provides a link to another webpage, it is called backlinks.

The page which gets a hell lot of backlinks will rank higher in mostly all the search engines.

You could say that backlinks rule the world of SEO.

Now, when you write good content and have a fairly well-structured domain authority, various blogsites will pay you money to backlink their webpage.

Why? Because traffic coming from a page with a kickass domain authority provides them more credibility. It would also help your readers get more information and something new to read.

Also, this way you direct your traffic to their website which helps them get a larger audience.

So basically, you want money and they want traffic. Sort of a barter system here at play.

3. E-book

Many people shy away from this because they fear this method is old-school and no one has the time to buy an e-book.

But, let me tell you something here.

People love putting in their money for something they find beneficial.

I remember, in my college days, I bought a thousand e-books because they gave me the material I needed. I was broke then but still, I paid for it.

You have so much these days help you get your ebook reach a million readers.

Just sell it online on any medium such as Goodreads, Google e-books or Amazon

Kindle has come up as a revolution for e-books.

Also, if you give great content to your readers, they would love to buy your e-books.

And what a brilliant way to earn money. Since people mostly make ebooks keeping their audience in mind, your previous blogs and researches serve as your notes to build something bigger and better.

Just remember, that an ebook is a great deal more stretched than a blog. So the research you put in has to more extensive and thorough.

You don't want to lose your readers by giving them false information for the money they have paid.

4. Contextual Advertising

This is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing.

This too is related to the various online companies.

Now, this is what contextual marketing does.

Various online companies pay you to display their advertisement on your blog page.

This can be done in the form of pop-ups, textual advertisement or online banners.

Actually so to say, affiliate links are a part of contextual advertising, just a little more sorted.

You need to have at least a traffic of 50,000 or more per day to make contextual advertising worth it.

Otherwise, it is just another waste of time and effort.

Along with Google Adsense, there are other portals such as Infolinks and LiveIntent that help you in this kind of advertising.

Just an advice here, this should be your last preference because it is not as rewarding to you or your readers.

Pop-ups and banners tend to irritate online readers, which not something you want. So, use it with caution.

And now that you have your bills sorted, simply sit back, relax and enjoy your work.