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Lifeasy, a home cleaning service provider has the solution to all your home remedies


Monday December 19, 2016,

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What’s the biggest nightmare for a woman, be it a lady who has a 9 to 5 job or a full-time home maker? That when she enters the house after a long day and finds the house dirty, messy, smelly with clothes and toys strewn all over. Women are born multi taskers and this has been scientifically proven. Her day starts and ends with the upkeep of home and family, whether it is waking and making the kids ready for school, cooking, making the kids study and finally doing the most important thing…cleaning and doing the house hold chores. In between all this, she has to compromise on her personal time and also quality time with the family. Although she is consistently on her toes doing and supervising the household cleaning, at the end of the day she always feels something is amiss and there are loads of things still to be done.

And if you have a festival coming up, then the household woes become more prominent and the lady of the house vows to clean every nook and corner of the house and make it sparkling clean, but in the end, she either falls sick or dead tired and the house cleaning is left midway. So, in this case, to avoid all these problems, what’s the best solution in which the house also gets clean and you get to spend time with family. Its simple log on to Lifeasy and hire their professional and qualified home cleaning services.

These home cleaners would make sure to they visit your house and take a look at all the rooms and finally plan the procedure and give you a budget estimate

Now the basic question that might boggle you is that what advantages do you get from Lifeasy professional home cleaning services over the regular work done by the maids.

a) The first advantage is that the qualified cleaners from Lifeasy use different equipment’s for cleaning different areas of the house. For egs. A sofa cleaning would require use of a damp cloth with detergent while for kitchen and washroom tiles they would use acidic tile cleaners.

b) Professional cleaners need not call them on a daily basis like a maid. The cleaners from Lifeasy can be called as per your convenience and these verified cleaners clean your home in such a way that you won’t require their services for Atleast a week.

So why wait and get irritated seeing your house dirty, just pick up your laptop, click on Lifeasy and book your Home Cleaning Services and the professionals would come and make your house sparkling clean. Then you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, take a blanket and read a book and don’t forget to write a nice thank you not to Lifeasy for making your house look like new.