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Upgrading to your Dream Home

Monday November 07, 2016,

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Moving into new home does not always mean changing city; it is for the convenience and better reach. People need to change home for many reasons may be the size of the existing home if the family grows, if there is a change in location of work place or it could be the surrounding which is not peaceful.

So before switching home one must plan the whole procedure before leaving the existing home. With the existing pune market which contributes to the list of merits of its nearing possession project. With the new airport approval there is going to be a big spur in Pune market. There are many locations in pune which has proved its worth in terms of infrastructure and connectivity to nearest highways connecting to nearby cities. FourrWalls (www.fourrwalls.com) provide ample of options with such available properties, with best price available.

When we say ‘good property’, it means projects with the latest technology, unique amenities and world class specifications. These features are the biggest stimulant in making a decision for the switch. Once decided to switch one must look for a property which would come in to possession within 11-12 months from the day for decision, this will help in resale of the existing property and one can make arrangements for the remaining requirements . While switching one must only look for properties with reputed developers because they specialize in quality construction, timely possession and superior amenities.

As per an article in Times Of India recently Amit Sethi expressed a few things to check before switching homes.

Switching checklist

Do not compromise on location, and ensure that you are getting full value for your money. Look for projects, which come with a 180 degree facilities management and a sufficient saturation of life style oriented features. Experts believe that while buying a home, a buyer should keep in mind to not fall for the 'saleable' area offered by the developer. This is because the saleable area is generally arrived at by adding the loading on the carpet area. This would mean that there is no standard code of conduct. Instead, the customer should carefully evaluate the 'actual livable area' inside the apartment one is planning to buy the actual size of a bedroom or a living room that would be used.

Benefits Vs drawbacks of switching the home

“You lose a familiar neighbourhood and neighbours, and children may have to change schools. Moving out of a home and moving into a new one also entails a lot of effort, time and usually expense.

Likewise, setting up a new home can be quite cost intensive. It makes sense to look for fully furnished homes, which also have round-the-clock housekeeping, since a new home should always amount to an upgraded lifestyle.

The down points associated with owning a house is if one needs to urgently sell the property because of a job transfer or change in financial circumstances, he may not be able to sell as quickly as he would like or for as much as he wants.

At the time of purchasing, a minimum 10 per cent down payment as your own contribution is the norm before a bank will provide you mortgage funding for the remaining amount. In short, you need to use up your savings for a down payment which in turn won't be available for other investments or a fixed deposit to earn interest on it.

While choosing a home to live in, a buyer must select a project which has a carefully planned area for kids to play. These play areas will automatically help in developing overall personality of the child by giving him more exposure to various activities.

Before buying a new property one must be sure to have enough funds to care of emergency situations. One should pick up the right property in terms of location as neighbourhood matters the most. And new opportunities coming up in nearby areas as that would give appreciation to the value of your new property. If all these factors are there in the property you are looking at one must go for it!