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Pune- The city of opportunities for MBA graduates

Monday June 12, 2017,

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Pune is the education capital Maharashtra, India. Known for its historical forts, palaces, immense heritage, lakes, markets and many more, Pune is turning a new page of its history. Since antiquity, the city of Pune has garnered attraction from emperors, conquerors, artists, singers, tourists, foreigners, scholars and the list goes on. The city has such a rich back story & has been a home to a number of kings & queens that Pune became one of the places for economic & civilization growth in India. Today, the city is a host to a number of multinational companies and high-end business parks which employee millions of professionals. The city has covered a long distance to become among the the most sophisticated & modernized cities in the country.

Although, this change did not occur overnight & a lot of aspects played their parts in establishing the city as it is today. Education sector played a massive role in this transformation. Pune has a huge number of education institutes catering to a multifaceted demand of the modern students. The actual count of the institutions goes in hundreds, but as it is said ‘Quantity doesn’t mean Quality!’. With the rise of industrial & corporate sectors, the demand for business graduates increased over the time. In order to cater to that demand, a number of institutes started offering business programs such as MBA in Human Resource Management. However, there are only a few ranking education institutes which hold the candle against the wind in terms of educational excellence in Pune.

Along with the rising opportunities came the burden of competition & the need to be best in the field. Its only the best institutes which offer the required guidance, exposure & training which helps the candidates in qualifying for nailing the opportunity. Various sectors such as:

a. Consulting

b. Financial Services

c. Real Estate

d. Consumer Products

e. Education & government

f. Energy

g. Health-care Products & Services

h. Manufacturing

i. Pharmaceutical

j. Media & Entertainment

k. Technology

l. Hospitality

Offer lucrative career opportunities for fresh MBA graduates in Pune. They are awarded with managerial positions & are expected to deliver exceptional operational management quality. As a result of that, thousands of students enroll themselves in programs for MBA in operations management & prepare for getting starling career prospects. However, not everyone is capable of cracking down those doors & unlock opportunities as it requires a certain level of fortitude.