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How Does Managed Wordpress Web Hosting Give You The Edge?

How Does Managed Wordpress Web Hosting Give You The Edge?

Wednesday October 18, 2017,

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Data hosting is the need of the day. Be it for small medium as well as large business houses, hosting data on the web is proving to be one of the best ways to ensure safe storage and easy access to data. Hosting can be either public or private and managed. Public hosting is where you use the internet to host your data. Managed wordpress web hosting is where you have your private and managed hosting plan which is completely controlled and managed by you. How does managed private help you? How does it provide you the advantages you need? We look at a few advantages of managed hosting here.

Quick Loading for Websites

The internet is a fiercely competitive market place. There are multiple choices to pick from for any given service or product. Therefore, a website that takes too long to load is likely to be rejected by most customers. When you opt for managed wordpress web hosting, there is no sharing of space or resources involved. Hence, the loading speed for the website is much lesser. Faster loading means beating your competition and getting a chance to grab the attention of the customer first. This clearly provides that much needed edge in a competitive marketplace.


More Security

When you opt for a shared hosting space, security is naturally compromised. With multiple accesses on the site, the threat of pilferage and accidental breach of security norms looms large. However, when you choose managed wordpress web hosting, there are multiple security checks performed. Each and every piece of content that is uploaded on your website is scanned for security threats. Suspicious files are blocked before they can corrupt the site. Any kind of security threat is therefore nipped in the bud before it can have any impact on the website.

The degree of security a website requires also depends on the nature of data that is being handled. If it is an ecommerce site, top notch security mechanisms need to be in place.

It is important to understand that a security threat on your website could mean precious downtime. With competitors breathing down the necks, downtime can hardly be afforded by website owners. This is precisely why managed wordpress web hosting should be preferred over public hosting.

Backups and Updates

Managing an online business can be tricky business. Backups and updates are required on a daily basis in order to keep the website updated and running at brisk pace. When you choose managed hosting, automatic updates and periodic backups are the order of the day. Everything is taken care of by the hosting company. Managed wordpress web hosting frees you of worries and allows you to run your business smartly and professionally.

If wordpress is not your thing however, Drupal hosting services are also available. A structured research will help in making the right choice.