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Neurosurgeons and their need in the medical industry of India

The nervous system is an integral part of the human body, and is composed of the brain the spinal cord and various nerve fibres. 

Neurosurgeons and their need in the medical industry of India

Friday January 05, 2018,

3 min Read

These help the brain in controlling the rest of the organs without the complete functioning of the brain and the supporting nerve fibres the rest of the human body will be in danger of suffering from various diseases. The study of the nervous system and its effect on the various other organs of the body is called neuroscience. Neuroscience is one of the most fascinating branches of biology and medicine and higher studies in neuroscience is well sought after amongst doctors. Neurologists specialise in the nervous system and are considered highly trained professionals in the medical industry.

Surgery of the brain is one of the riskiest practices in the medical industry and hence neurosurgeons are one of the most respected doctors in this field. India, having one of the highest number of patients with neurological diseases in the world, is in dire need of top neurosurgeons. Arguably, the demand for paediatric neurosurgeons, who specialise in dealing with neurological defects in children, is the highest.

What makes a Neurosurgeon the Best?

There are various reasons as to why a doctor maybe listed as one of the top 10 neurosurgeon doctors in India, as follows:

1) Experience - In the medical business the experience of a doctor speaks volume as to their credibility. The more the number of successful surgeries a doctor may have performed, the more are patients inclined to trust in them.

2) Associated hospitals - It is generally accepted that top hospitals recruit only the best doctors available. So, a top neurosurgeon is expected to be on the panel of one of the top hospitals in the country. This also ensures that they have the best team and advanced equipment at their disposal, and that uplifts the quality of treatment they can provide to the patients.

3) Professionalism - In any line of work, professionalism is of utmost importance. So, it is quite implied that a doctor may be qualified to be in the list of the top 10 neurosurgeons in the country if they are highly professional and efficient in their work.

4) Popularity - The popularity of a doctor among their patients helps create a good image of them. This is influenced by the doctor-patient relationship and how well and cordially a doctor interacts with their patient.

5) Fees - Since a large portion of the patients in India are unable to afford steep medical bills, the amount a doctor charges for their services may be a key factor in the success of their professional life.


Neurosurgery is a very skilled branch of the medical industry and involves high risks. Hence,

in the quest to be among the best neurosurgeons in India neurologist is expected to uphold a certain degree of professionalism and also be exceptionally skilled, since the very life of a patient is entrusted into their hands.