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10 rakshabandhan gifts to make it special for brothers and sisters

Being brother and sister means being there for each other for everything. Check out how this Raksha Bandhan can be made special.

10 rakshabandhan gifts to make it special for brothers and sisters

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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Very soon the beautiful occasion of Raksha bandhan is about to knock at the door and it is time to prepare for the auspicious day. As sisters are busy with their Rakhi shopping for their brothers and planning for Raksha bandhan gifts, even brothers are wondering about what gift to choose. And there is no doubt about how difficult it can be!

Hence, to ease up the process, here are few gifts for both brothers and sisters to buy.

**Quick tip: Before getting the gift, you must know few things - your sibling’s hobby, likes, and dislikes. And how will that help? Simple, it will help you to choose the best gift ever.


5 Rakhi gifts for brothers

1. For your sweet tooth brothers

A bouquet of white lilies, a pack of Kaju barfi and a choice of your rakhi! This gift will maintain the auspicious side of the celebration and treat your brother with happiness. If you know your brother’s favorite sweet, you can give him that too!

2. For musical brothers!

Loves listening to songs and play guitar? If yes, then it is time to celebrate rakhi with a guitar, chocolates, and flowers! Like the strings of good tune playing, you too plan to enchant the brother-sister bond with happiness and one of the best rakhi gifts for brothers!

3. The readers

If your brother loves to read, then there is nothing better than that (it makes it so easy to decide on the gift)! Walk into a book store and buy the latest publish of your brother’s favorite author.And if he is a comic fan, then surprise him with his favorite Marvel or DC series.

4. For the sporty ones!

This is like a universal truth that there must be one sport that every brother enthusiasts for. How about gifting him something that is his favorite,a basketball or a football maybe? If not, then posters of their idol sports persona work too! Also, don’t forget to add some munchies in his gift bag. Cheetos and popcorn for his next match already in-hand will take his excitement to some other level!Make him feel special with these Raksha bandhan gifts.

Tip: For added love, cheer the team he supports along with him in the next match!

5. The Rule keepers!

Ideal brother and perfect son deserves the basket of goodness. Dry fruits, chocolate, rakhi, flowers (especially carnations); it seems to be the perfect combination. A beautiful goodie pack for an amazing brother!

These are few of the ideas to make rakhi even more special for brothers. Now, it is time to make this day equally happening for sisters too! So, scroll down and take a look at what will suit sisters the best!

5 impeccable gifts for sisters

1. The shopaholic ones!

Every sister loves to shop, and they love it more when their brother does it for them! So, buy them a cute dress, lipstick, bag, shoes or anything they fancy. There is a whole range of fashion accessories too! So, shop only the best for your sister.

Tip: Please take prior suggestion from fashion magazine or a friend before buying accessories or dress. Especially, if you are doing this for the first time!

2. Chocolate lovers

Like diamonds, even chocolates are girl’s best friend.

There is a whole lot of choice to make when buying chocolate for your sister – fruit and nuts, dark chocolate, mint flavor, assorted chocolates, etc. To add to something more loving, get a bouquet of flowers like roses, orchids or lilies and let them know how special they are to you.

3. For the cool Brother & Sister duos!

BEST BRO and BEST SIS! You both simply rock together. From several mischiefs to other ticky-tacky things you both have taken part in, has turned you into best friends. This year, wear something that reflects the awesomeness of you both together. There are places where they customize these t-shirts too! So, plan for these Raksha bandhan gifts soon.

4. For the nature lover sisters

Your sister is special and giving her just flowers will not do enough. So, you must add something extra too. Get a beautiful vase along with a plant or flowers. There you can also add colorful stone chips and pebbles. Or, these glass vases can be kept just normally as a piece or decor at home.

5. For cuddler sisters

Soft toys are exactly what you should gift to your cuddler sister. She will be overwhelmed to have a new addition to her soft toy gang. From teddy bear to dolls and cute animals, give your sister what she loves and see how the smile brightens up her face.

Now, both brothers and sisters are ready to get the best Raksha bandhan gifts for one another. Prepare for an unforgettable celebration and enjoy this lovely day celebrating the bond between siblings