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Don't be the new Messi; be the old one!

Read this if you are into startups as well as football!

Don't be the new Messi; be the old one!

Saturday July 09, 2016,

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There are thousands of ways through which one can describe another; but you can describe Lionel Messi by a single word: “Legend”!

But there is a huge difference between the old and new Messi; old one didn’t give up but the new one did! Recently Argentina lose in Copa America and suddenly one of the football’s greatest legends gave up! But as we know there is a rule in life or especially in startup world:

”Survival of the fittest”

While working on a startup, if you give up in the middle of the journey, then you would never see that mark, that you call “Success”! You just need to keep hustling, to reach that mark, but if you quit or give up, you will never reach that mark!

Consider the case of Abraham Lincoln:-

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

1. He failed in business at the age of 21.

2. Was defeated in a legislative race at age 22.

3. Failed again in business at age 24.

4. Overcame the death of his sweetheart at age 26.

5. Had a nervous breakdown at age 27.

6. Lost a congressional race at age 34.

7. Again lost a congressional race at age 36.

8. Lost a senatorial race at age 45.

9. Failed in an effort to become vice-president at age 47.

10.Lost a senatorial race at age 47.

Finally was elected PRESIDENT of the United States at age 52!

But if he gave up, he could never be the PresidentYou never fail, you learn; so if you are starting up; don’t be the new Messi, be the old one who kept hustling and didn't give up! 

And its better if you could be the first YOU!