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Leather flooring vs carpet: The great showdown

Leather flooring vs carpet: The great showdown

Wednesday August 09, 2017,

3 min Read

When it comes to choosing the flooring for the home people often look for the good looks and durability but what about other factors? Here you will come across with the characteristics of the carpet and leather flooring which will help you to choose the better one for your home type.

Leather flooring characteristics

<h2><b>Leather Flooring | Thera</b></h2>

Leather Flooring | Thera

Environment friendly

Leather flooring is a new flooring type introduced and gaining a good reputation around the world. It is basically crafted from clothing items, furniture upholstery, and handbags which make it more natural. It does not harm the environment it’s a composite of natural things.

Moderate temperature

Leather flooring has a leading benefit of maintaining the same temperature throughout the year whether it’s cold or summer seasons it will not be too hot or too cold. These flooring types will help the owner to maintain the moderate living temperature inside the home and save electricity. It also offers sound insulation which is better for those who do not want much noise coming in their living spaces when children make noise upstairs.


Leather flooring is highly durable and when added with wax can become water resistant. The water resistant leather flooring has much longer lifetime than normal leather flooring as it reduces maintenance.

Less cleaning needed

People may think that leather flooring is highly comfortable and durable so it may be difficult to clean it, but that's not the case. Leather flooring is easily cleanable and washable. People who do not have much time to clean the home flooring every day must go with leather flooring as it just requires buffing once in a year.

Carpet characteristics


This is the main advantage of the carpet due to which its mostly chosen by the people. It’s crafted from soft items to make the living highly comfortable inside the home. Those who perform exercises and other physical practices can choose carpet to offer them a soft surface.

<h3><a href=

Carpet Tiles Mumbai" alt="

Carpet Tiles Mumbai

" />Warm

Carpet remains warm throughout the year so it's highly beneficial to the cold places where people spend various devices to maintain the warm temperature inside. It also ensures that heat remains inside the home and does move out from porous surfaces.


Cost is one of the important factors when it comes to talking about flooring. Carpet is comparably less expensive than other flooring types. When the good quality carpet is installed then home owner can get free from maintenance for a longer time.


Those people who have small kids in their homes must choose carpet in order to provide safe playing surface wherein they can enjoy without any hurt. It also has a tendency to grab the dirt within which does not allow spreading of the dirt on the beds or couches.

Both of these home surface types are beneficial as per their characters, it is you who need to choose the best one for your home. Just you need to compare the qualities required for your home and get it installed. People must check for the recommendations from their friends and family members as they will inform the right one which they tested.