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5 Small Business Ideas to Start from Home in 2020

5 Small Business Ideas to Start from Home in 2020

Wednesday January 08, 2020,

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With new methods and ways of earning coming up people are trying a lot of different ways to earn money and one of the popular among them is home based startups of business. Many people who used to work in office for 9-8 hours jobs has also ended up in opting new ways to earn by sitting at home.

If you are a housewife or are one of among those who is now fed up with their regular office pressure and work and want to start something new and fresh in your life as well as be your own boss then you are reading the right article. This article will surely solve all the your worries regarding a starting a new business at home as well as will suggest you the top 5 small business ideas which you can start right away at your home.

Before jumping to the topic of telling you the top five home based businesses one must be aware about the benefits you get with a home business:

  • Flexible Working Hours: Yeah you heard it right you are boundless of time and can work anytime you want to. No pressure from your higher authorities you wake at your hours and sleep at your no boundation of work.

  • Personal Space: When we talk about working in a private sector personal freedom is something which no employer can expect, but if you are the boss of your own business then boom your get your personal space to grow.

  • Earn As Much Money: When you are the boss you work as much as you want and invest as much of quality time you think of investing. Which helps you to earn as much profit or money you want to earn.

  • Multiple Opportunities: When you get into home based business you get exposure to various sub sectors of the concerned field as well as get awareness about various other opportunities that you can grab too.

Top 5 Home Businesses That You Can Start Right Away

  • Working as a Shipping Merchant: E-commerce websites and business are getting a great hike with every passing year and many people are also getting involved into it. Thus its very obvious that to parcel things out the seller would surely require a shipping merchant and here is where you can play your role.

You can be the shipping merchant who takes the responsibility of delivering product to the customer from the seller and charges the amount of parceling the product. In this way you can earn a good amount of money just by sitting at home.


  • Open your own E-commerce Website: As told earlier e-commerce is one of the best and efficiently outgrowing businesses in all over the work. One can advertise his or her product to any part of the world and showcase it to millions of people.

You can also be also build a e-commerce site with help of online tools and websites and start your own business at home. For that you need to decide first what you want to represent to people is something particular or you want to cover many products. If you work in a systematic way then you finally end up earning a good income. It would surely take time and patience at the beginning but remember no business is a hit at the start with time it grows to the highest.

  • Home Appliance Reseller: Yes it is something new to get started with but one thing is for sure that many new kitchen tools and home appliances are being invented. Many companies are selling it online and many individual sellers are selling it in market. But when we are talking about home business you can start a startup by selling home appliances at affordable rates.

Many individual sellers always look for sellers who give good margin rates on home appliances. You can also be one among them, for that you have to first research for a good wholesaler that offer you margin rate and further you can buy various kitchen tools and appliances as in bulk. You can look out online which kitchen appliances are in trend of search for Ex. best gas stove in India, best kitchen gadgets in India etc and further market it and sell it at your rate to the seller.

  • Start your own YouTube channel: Nowadays, any god content can outreach a number of people or people around the world within minutes. Thus if you are good in teaching subject of your interest or doing anything of your interest no matter if its cooking, art and craft, exercise etc.

No matter what you can easily record your videos and post if online after sometime if you have good particular number of followers and subscribers on YouTube then the great news is you get paid for all the content that you post online.

  • Become a Blogger: If you love writing and have a keen interest in presenting your thoughts on various topic to the people then blogging is surely your kind of stuff. You can easily become a blogger by sitting at your home.

The first a foremost thing that you need to do is build a blog with the help of online website and start posting your writing articles or blogs. Make sure you cover a various number of topics which interest the normal audience because the more people visit your website the higher chances are of you to start earning.