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How does WordPress help on my business with its Benefit

How does WordPress help on my business with its Benefit

Monday July 29, 2019,

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WordPress Hosting is process of which the hosting is been used mostly by Plugin and also template. This hosting is been used highly on Website Performance and the Security need. I includes one click install to make an easy way to startup functionality. All the software that has been used on wordpress will be automatically updated their software.

Mostly for Online business Beginner WordPress will help to perform well, that let to generate the Traffic. The UI&UX of WordPress will show huge response, since this WordPress will be handled mostly by plugins and themes so that the loading speed of the website will give much performance.

Here this WordPress has two types and are Shared WordPress hosting and managed hosting, some of their main differentiate will be discussed below

What is Shared Wordpress hosting?

In this Hosting is been Optimized on a shared process where Theme, plugin and all our data stored data will not be shared but it can be hacked easily, though it’s a shared host so we cannot get a private hosting. Also This Shared Hosting is Cheaper when Compared to Managed WordPress hosting.

In Shared hosting, On Performance level we will get an access to have one click installer.That may make our process much easier, Due to automatic update this plugin will always update on back-end for Upgrading process. This WordPress site updated is an Essential security measure, which will act on important of feature performance.

What is Managed WordPress hosting

In this Managed hosting is much high in cost but in this all the process and the function is managed by the server team, So even a small issue that has been raised on our website will be sort-out by the help of server team of our hosting provider. This is similar to shared hosting,So using the managed will help on Increasing the speed of our website and even the Loading speed will get reduce based on the plugin that we use.

If You are a beginner then this Managed WordPress hosting will be my suggestion. Because though we don’t know much about the functionality of server and use of admin panel, so on managed hosting there will be a guideline that may give user experience.

WordPress hosting will configured on the Environment that has Free Plugin, Paid Plugin and even some Themes (based on selecting the theme). This WordPress provide One Click Installer which make the user to have an easy process. Also a Security level is been generated on type of hosting WordPress.

Some of the special Benefit that may help our online business

Faster Loading Website

Mostly the Popularity of the website is depend of Speed of the website. Obviously when someone goes with our website and the site gets loaded on longer time then people will run back from the website, which will increase the Bounce rate and also reduce the Traffic of our website.

Meanwhile in WordPress is been Configured through Plugin and this contain less storage and that helps to generate the Faster loading speed on our website.

WordPress per-installer

As I said on above this WordPress need a plugin, that we need to install on our website. For developer working on WordPress is much easier, Only this is we need to purchase the Plugin or else use the free plugin. Only thing is we need to download the plugin and once after the downloading just install it on the back-end with the help of developer. This can save much time and even cost wise it will be low.

Automatic WordPress updates

Another benefit of using this WordPress, The plugin, themes and even the software that we have installed on our WordPress hosting will automatically updated due to its custom process.Even on every update it released a big improvement section and also the bug fixes, thus become more susceptible to external thread.


WordPress is like Library of plugin that helps to choose new plugin based on our thought and can be installed in few minutes. Although this WordPress make configure a thousand of theme and plugin to change on our website. Due to online media and seasonal section this website plugin can be changed respectively.

Security and  Backup

This WordPress hosting always provide an option to add a plugin for security purpose and backup the file. Code-guard,DDOS protector, site-lock and some more can be used and there will be periodically setting on backup and site security.

Application programming interfaces(APIs)

Normally some of the social media platforms provide API, that allows to integrated other website as third party server. In WordPress Thousand of API, been provided as freedom to integrate on outside of other website

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