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5 Tips For Content Marketing in 2017

5 Best Tips For Content Marketing in 2017

Monday October 30, 2017,

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JLast week I wrote a post on Digital Nomads, where I say that one of the ways you can work and travel at the same time is to have a blog, working as a digital entrepreneur. Many people ask me how do I have a blog, how to start, how to make money with blog, etc ... I decided to make this post about my experience as a Travel blogger.

Luckily, we’ve got that in spades.

We have done the heavy lifting for yourself, talking with the web’s content marketing elite abouttheir best hacks. Consider these 5 hacks an all-inclusive secrets to content marketing success, 


1. It’s Your Time

Dedication and persistence: I noticed that most bloggers who earn money from the blog TODAY started out unpretentiously as a hobby 5 years ago 3 years ago. After a while they realized that the blog could be a source of income, due to the same being a place that enough people access, with the target audience is segmented, in fashion, travel, cooking, among others.

House That Lars Built Website

This is one of the most important points! Yes, there are many travel blogs, fashion blogs, various subjects! But the person comes back on your blog because the blog is personal. The reader identifies with the person who writes, with the person! My readers like the practical, simple, minimalist way I write. Or like my scripts. From the photos. I am myself. That is, be yourself. Write different things, innovate. They have many opportunities, the world changes very fast. Be different, do not imitate anyone, write your way, write your experiences.

3. yourselfr Mission (Should yourself Choose to Write It)

It's no use having a blog and not updating. This shows lack of commitment, organization, disrespect to those who follow you. It has to have a frequency, even once a week or daily. The person has to remember you in the midst of so many options and blogs. This also creates credibility.

4. Organization - I do this: I jot down ideas in a notepad, I run posts, I create goals and I share in social networks. Each has a way of organizing. I love making lists. I write 3, 4 posts at once and leave the posts of the month scheduled.

Photos - Worry about the photos! It's as important as content. People like to see the places, where you went, imagine what it's like. Take good photos, edit, select and post!

5. Make friends - No one in this life can be happy alone. It is inevitable, like it or not, accepted or not: most of the business is done with friends! Find people from the same area, other bloggers, digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads! People for you to talk, learn, exchange ideas!

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