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Should famous sports persons cash on the power of big data analytics?

Big Data is a collection of ample amount of information which can used to its full potential in order to churn out successful strategies. 

Should famous sports persons cash on the power of big data analytics?

Thursday April 26, 2018,

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Big Data is a collection of ample amount of information which can be used to its full potential in order to churn out successful strategies. When we talk about Big Data, an image of data scientists sitting in a corporate comes up as we think that Big Data is only used by businesses. However, not many know that sportspersons across the world are also succumbing to the power of Big Data analytics.

A Hollywood movie highlighting the use of big data in sports!

The use of Big Data in sports was first highlighted in a big Hollywood movie when one of the sports managers used Big Data analytics to review the performance of players in order to handpick only the best ones. He wanted to select the cream for the baseball teams to enhance the future of basketball league. He is shown using techniques like predictive modeling. And, he is also being seen using a statistical approach, in order to overpower the salary cap restrictions as well as forecast the future performance trends in baseball. The movie did a fairly good job in highlighting the role of Big Data in sports!

Big data in sports?

The era of digitalization has not left the sports sector untouched as well. Various sportspersons and teams at professional levels have already adopted various cutting-edge technologies to capture data related to the players, to understand their game and to get an insight of their strengths and weaknesses.

However, it is important to refine the existing technologies that measure an athlete’s activities. And, it is also important to integrate efficient data analysis tools that enable the sports managers to comprehensively analyze the data in order to get useful outcomes.

It is a proven fact that many sportspersons can leverage big data analytics consulting services to have an edge over the competing teams. They can use the analytics to build stronger teams and develop the skills.

A brief of Big Data in sports:

Volume – the quantity of data generated by different sporting activities as well as different competitions in which the player participated

Variety – It consists of all the different type of data, including images, videos, synopsis, a summary of the games etc.

Velocity –The data captured needs to be refreshed regularly as well. As the player keeps improving, hence, the match performance might be different too. Therefore the data captured need to be updated regularly

Data in sports is generated at the professional level from games, tournaments, fans and different players. And, only solid, effective, powerful, real-time cloud-based technologies are to be used in order to analyze the data collected.

Can Big Data help to enhance the performance of the player?

The main intent of every player or team is to grow, improve and win. And, in order to become better, every player needs to work on the weaknesses. But, how to find out the weaknesses?

Big Data analysis plays a major role in identifying the key areas. It helps the players to curate better strategies in order to win maximum matches. More importantly, the collection of images, videos, their stance etc., helps them understand their present position better. Plus, it enables them to improve and work on their game.

One of the major uses of Big Data is an analysis of historical data. Players and teams get a chance to analyze their past performances deeply. The old performances and style of the game help the players to know the areas where they need to work.

It won’t be wrong if we say that starting from coaches and players to businesses, big data analytics has the potential to make a huge difference in improving efficiency, accuracy, and profitability in sports.

Get an insight into the competitor’s game

Big Data analytics of your game allows the athlete to improve his/her skills. However, players can also analyze the data related to their competitor’s game in order to curate fabulous strategies to win over the opponents. Opponents’ game, tactics, strengths, weaknesses etc. can be easily analyzed through effective use of Big Data.


In Sports generally, all the key decisions are made in a split second. However, if these decisions are strategized, and taken after a complete study of the important data, then the decisions are sure to be more impactful. 


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