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Is your flight booking API integration mobile-friendly?

Benefits of a mobile-friendly flight booking API integration system.

Is your flight booking API integration mobile-friendly?

Monday February 05, 2018,

3 min Read

Application Programming Interface or API is a platform that enables you to facilitate complex features without re-writing the code for your application. It not only removes the complexities and other issues involved in integration but also offers a number of benefits using standards. Flight booking API integration is a revolutionary technology that has made traveling hassle-free for the travelers and profitable for the travel agents like you. Nowadays, people rely more on their mobile devices. Therefore, your flight API integration must be mobile-friendly.


Listed below are 4 benefits of mobile-friendly flight booking API integration:

1. Boosts Conversion Rates

Do you have a mobile app to represent your travel agency? Then, use multiple APIs offering related services to retain the customers. Travelers, who are looking for flight tickets, might be in search of hotels as well. If you implement hotel booking API along with flight API integration, whenever a traveler comes to you, you will be able to retain them even when their flight booking is done. After booking flight, they can go to the hotel section, obviously if it is required.

2. Facilitates Different Cost-Patterns of Distribution Model

You should realize how important the guests are for you. They are your ambassador. So, when they’ll be pleased with your services, they’ll recommend you to their acquaintances. In this way, you will be able to develop and expand your travel agency. By installing mobile-friendly flight API integration, you will be to help your travelers search flight tickets along with price and other details and book the flight of their choice instantly from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. This convenience is bound to please your clients.

3. Helps Mobile Apps to be Light-Weight

Since the algorithms and rules are already written, when flight booking API integration is done in a mobile app, developers have no need of writing the complex code for the entire process and as an outcome, you could get a large app. Flight booking API integration makes the mobile apps light-weight and portable.

4. Gathers More Actionable Intelligence

Mobile-friendly flight API helps the travel agencies to draw data and manage computations. These are the actionable insights that should be analyzed. In this way, you can utilize these insights to provide the clients with better travel-related services.

Other Benefits of Flight API are:

• Search flight by city and Instant booking option

• Inventory information available including offers, price etc.

• Minimal operational cost

• Boosts sales and market share value

A Final Takeaway

API can provide double benefits when it is integrated to a particular service or product that is selling well. In the travel industry, the most demanding service is perhaps flight booking. Reputed travel agencies use flight API integration to access their inventories and as result, they successfully sell more. Once you’ve installed mobile-friendly flight API, you are all set to take your travel business to the next level.

If you are still depriving your business of the benefits of flight booking API integration, this is the high time you should ask a reliable API service provider for your flight API.