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from army to films

Film PR firm and a family

Thursday October 20, 2016,

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Hema Upadhyay came to Mumbai 11 years back. Moving from a secured life with Army background to staying in PGs was not really a smooth shift but it never felt like struggle she says.

“Being an army kid taught me to adapt and hence it never felt like a task to stay in a smaller place and do your own task while attending college and doing a part time jobs.”

“I used to leave home at 7.30 in morning to go to work and after an 8 to 4 shift, used to take a bus then a local train to go to college in town for 5.30 to 8.30 classes. Then come back home by 10. Wash clothes, prepare for next day, eat and sleep.”

Hema did many odd jobs before getting in to Public Relations. “Before coming to Mumbai, I didn’t even know what PR is all about. Since I was sure I wanted to get in media, took admissions in a mass media course where PR was part of the curriculum.”

After working with Vodafone, a recruitment agency and doing few other small time jobs, Hema got through an ad agency where she was part of the PR wing.

“I worked there as an intern for 3 months and soon shifted to an entertainment based PR firm.”

After working with an agency for 5 years, Hema started her own agency.

“Probably the idea was to just switch job but a senior journalist’s advice made me think about my own start up. Work kept coming and I didn’t look back”.

“It all worked out well. I got married few years back and have a child who will turn two soon. With a family, the work life balance is very important for me. I never wanted to do a lot of work and not spend time with my family. It was important that I am happy doing what I am doing in life. What is the point of so much of money if you don’t have a family to share your happiness with. I must thank my husband who supported me in everything and today because of him, I am not worried leaving my child at home having no maids to take care of him. I know my child is with his father.”

“It has been almost 6 years with 35 films and a family and it all seems worth it.” She signs off. 

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