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Technological advancement booming learning processes

Authored by: Mr. Sandip Kar, Director, LearnPick

Technological advancement booming learning processes

Thursday August 16, 2018,

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In today’s day and age, it is almost impossible to think of a sector which hasn’t been touched by technology. IT boom and the advent of the internet has transformed every aspect of our lives for the better, be it entertainment, shopping or paying bills. The way it has entwined itself with our lives is truly astonishing that nowadays, even the world of teaching and learning has been augmented with technological furtherance.


Just like no two fingerprints are the same, no two people learn in the same way; some people are visual learners, some people learn by writing. Earlier, conventional learning institutions were not adept at providing versatile teaching methods to aid their students and only books were used to teach. However, the technological advancements available to educators today have boosted learning processes by diversifying teaching aids. These advancements, along with internet penetration, have effectively changed the way students study in a conventional four wall setup.

Presently, edutech has become an industry of its own. Schools are now actively making their classes ‘smart’ by incorporating audio – visual internet dependent modules in their teaching methods. By doing so, teachers are effectively connecting and engaging with the students in classes, enriching their learning experience. These aids are helpful in making the class more interesting, appealing and stimulating.

However, albeit the presence of all these innovations, students are yet to find their representation in decisions regarding the use of these tools. Most schools use modules developed by proprietors and thus, students who wish to see them again cannot do so. The students are still bound to the pace and method through which their classroom teacher teaches, no matter what pedagogical tools she or he may use.

For tackling this predominant situation and transforming the way students revise and indulge in self – study, the presence of online education aggregators has proven to be a boon. These aggregators too, have been brought by the growth of internet technologies. By bringing flexible resources and services to aid learning processes, online education aggregators have made their mark in the industry. They have infused the sector with autonomy, giving students the liberty to decide how and what they want to learn.

Education aggregators are assisting self – study by providing audio – visual learning solutions and modules, PowerPoint presentations as well as interactive video lectures to students on their platforms. These facilities are developed to be a comprehensive and yet a precise learning tool for students, who wish to understand and gain more clarity about a certain topic. The material available on such websites is diverse in its nature of approach towards the topic. Additionally, the collection of the material on these platforms is so vast that it covers all aspects of one’s educational journey – from school to college.

Since all this subject matter is stored on online portals and websites, they can be easily accessed by the students. Moreover, these aggregators are giving students more liberty with respect to the pace of teaching. Students have the opportunity to browse modules and watch them again and again, at any time irrespective of it being a weekday or a weekend. Withal, by availing the services of these websites, students can also have their doubts cleared around the clock too.

Along with that, these sites make available organically developed mock tests and test series to help the students revise. These tests track the students’ performance exhaustively and give results immediately after the test. Even the test report made by them is very detailed with inputs on things like the topics in which the student couldn’t perform well in and how he can improve.

E-education players are also assisting students in finding coaching which are best for them. The websites of these facilitators’ lets potential students choose the way, time and place at which they would like to study and then connect them with different coaching classes, institutions, and schools which match their needs. These facilitators are even helping people who want to prepare for entrance, competitive, language or skill exams by connecting them with institutions which specialize in competition preparation. And thus, by becoming a bridge between students looking for extra guidance and tutors, coaching etc., aggregators are helping students learn better all the while alleviating the dearth of subject specific teachers in the nation.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of these education aggregators is the fact that they are all online. Any person with an internet connection can benefit from the services provided by these facilitators. Besides that, the online education conglomerate is democratising the education industry and helping to impart quality education across the nation. Now, a student who earlier did not have access to quality educational resources can profit from the amenities provided on these websites. All he needs is an internet connection.

At the rate at which internet penetration is growing in India, one can easily imagine the bright future of the educational industry, which armed with cutting edge tools is poised to boom learning process for all.  

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