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How to find a trustworthy SEO company for your business?

The right process to find a trustworthy SEO company for your business.

How to find a trustworthy SEO company for your business?

Wednesday May 23, 2018,

4 min Read

If you want your business to succeed, it is important that your customers find you. The best way to get found is online through organic searches. But for that, you need to rank your website high on the top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Here comes the need of hiring a good SEO company, which can drastically improve your search presence and help your business grow.


The right process to find a trustworthy SEO company for your business is as follows:

Figure out your SEO Needs

Decide clearly why you need an SEO company. Is it for a one time SEO audit, link building, reviews management, traffic generation or any other SEO services or elsewhere? Set a goal in mind in terms of traffic or engagement so that you can give realistic targets to the SEO firm you hire and measure results.

The most common signs that suggest you need the services of an SEO company are:

• Your website isn’t getting any traffic.

• Your website is getting traffic but not customers, which suggests you aren’t making any conversions.

• Your website isn’t optimized for search engines and social media.

• You need to increase traffic on your website as well as increase sales.

Finding SEO Firms Online

You aren’t looking for some crockery that you’ll get in the showroom next to you. Finding worthy SEO companies can be difficult but there are a lot of them online. Here is what you can do to find a good SEO firm for your optimization needs:

- Ask your friends for the recommendation; it is better to find a company which has done good work for someone in your known group

- You can look for companies that rank on top while you search for the ‘best SEO company’ on Google. Companies ranking well in the SERPs have definitely invested a lot of time and efforts in reaching there. If they can do it for themselves, possibly they can do it for you too.

- Look for reviews

Consult Multiple Firms

Look for SEO companies through friends or online and consult at least three or four of them. Let these firms do some research on your website and business, draft a proposal stating the services you need and the cost for each of them. Do a comparison before making a decision.

Assess their Reliability

A lot of digital agency in Jaipur and other SEO firms make promises that are too good to be real, such as “We will get you to the top of Google Search”. The Best SEO firm you choose should have clear goals, a planned format of what they’ll do, which keywords they will work on and must have a detailed pricing scheme with clearly stated points.

Regardless of how great the company may seem, it is always advisable to do a quality check before finalizing the deal. Ensure that you invest in the right company which will help in improving your SERP rankings, domain authority, and overall credibility.

Meet them in Person

While most of the work could be done online through emails or phone conversations, the traditional methods of fixing up a meeting in person have its own benefits. It helps you better judge the person’s confidence and knowledge and also makes it easier for you to explain your expected results. Face to face meetings is a better way to interview your prospective service providers.

Measure Results

The best thing about SEO is that everything can be measured in terms of stats and reports. Ask the SEO firm to add measurable results to the contract and provide reports that can help you monitor their SEO activity in the next month. This is the best way to maintain pressure on the company and know when to switch your SEO company (if they fail to meet promises).

A reliable and trustworthy SEO company will help your business grow by establishing a visible online presence for your business. You can utilize SEO for exploring new markets and opportunities for your business.

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