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5 Best SwipedOn Alternative Software Tools in 2019

One of the most pioneering software in the marketplace for visitor management, piLOBI is perhaps one of the best choices for improving your business’ visitor satisfaction score.

5 Best SwipedOn Alternative Software Tools in 2019

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

4 min Read

Importance of a visitor management system for businesses

SwipedOn is one of the most opted for visitor management system in the marketplace. But the software comes with a few restrictions that your business might need or additional services that your business might not need. This is why it is an essential process to compare the other best visitor management systems out in the market and choosing the best one for your venture’s requirements.

Best Alternative Visitor Management Software in 2019 to SwipedOn


One of the most pioneering software in the marketplace for visitor management, piLOBI is perhaps one of the best choices for improving your business’ visitor satisfaction score. Supported across all platforms such as Windows, iOS, SaaS, Mac, and Android, the subscription for piLOBI’s visitor management software costs just $10 per month. With such low pricing, one would think that it cuts back on features, but the case here is completely opposite. In addition to providing all the services SwipedOn does, piLOBI’s system also provides varied features like appointment scheduling, ID card identification, watchlist,  in-person training, and much more. With a continuously evolving landscape in the marketplace, piLOBI visitor management solutions are the ultimate service you can find due to its adaptability and optimum support.



One of the major advantages Proxyclick’s visitor management software provides is that it is also supported on the Windows platform, which SwipedOn is not. Proxyclick provides digital reception for its clients with additional services like registration, ID scan, watchlist, and much more. Along with these services, Proxyclick also provides a Free version of its visitor management app and also a free trial version for you to determine if paying for the additional tools is viable for your business. ProxyClick has one more advantage over SwipedOn, which is that it has been providing VMS services more 10 years more than SwipedOn, and are established in the industry for providing optimum visitor management solutions.



Sine is an easy to use visitor management system that is on a league of its own. Sine comes jam-packed with features and tools that assist businesses in multiple ways. The software is supported on iOS, Android, and SaaS platforms. Moreover, the company provides in-person training of its software to its clients for a better understanding of its multitude of features. Sine provides Contractor and Facility Management services, which SwipedOn doesn’t. Coming with a free trial version, you can check out the additional services provided by Sine over SwipedOn, and the best part is that its paid version is the same price as SwipedOn. Used across the world by all types of establishments, Sine presents itself as one of the top management solutions due to its flexibility and availability for different verticals of management apart from visitors.


Sign In App

This visitor management app is the perfect choice for both small and big businesses that require the same features as SwipedOn, but at a lower price. Moreover, this is an easy to use app that doesn’t require any technical expertise to operate. The app comes with a free trial version for you to test out its features, and if you choose to go forward with using it, it costs a mere $32 per month. Sign In App is particularly suitable for small businesses or businesses that are looking to improve their visitor management and have less knowledge about the visitor management solutions present out in the marketplace. Even big businesses use this app to save money on monthly subscriptions as it almost provides the same features as SwipedOn.

Signin App


LobbyConnect serves as a virtual front desk for the customers. This comprehensive software by Teem is specifically created for providing visitor management solutions. LobbyConnect is supported on Mac, SaaS, and iOS platforms. The software has better user experience and layout than many visitor management systems in the world. LobbyConnect software subscription comes at a price of $50 per month.

Lobby Connect

Since management systems have come into the landscape, they have proven to be an essential asset to have for almost all types of businesses, especially ones dealing with visitors. Carefully evaluating each and every aspect of a visitor management system for its digital reception is how you should determine if its the right fit for your requirements. For making this process easy for you, you can evaluate this by looking at the aforementioned 5 software, which are the best alternatives to SwipedOn in 2019.